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Influencing Character Essay

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[Date] 13-10-2012

Influencing Character


In life, we meet many people that impress us with either their attitude or aptitude but there are very few that inspires us in our life. People with the potential to inspire individuals have to ability to influence the life of others for better.


The people with whom he is associated with on bases of values, interest, aims or believes usually inspire an individual. The historical figure that had always inspired me, even before I had the understanding of inspiration is none other than Neil Armstrong.

Neil Alden Armstrong an aerospace engineer by education and a naval aviator, test pilot and university professor by profession, as is a well-known fact, was the first man to step on the moon. Neil personal interest was in plane. He fell in love with them at the age of two when his father took him to ...view middle of the document...

He after navy returned to the university to finish his degree. There he met his future wife and got married to her while working for NASA. Armstrong’s domestic life had its own share of troubles majorly because he lost he two-year old daughter to pneumonia. In spite of this great tragedy, Armstrong stayed strong and moved ahead in life by completing his master in science in aeronautical engineering (, 2012).

Armstrong started his work in NASA as a test pilot where he was highly regarded as one of the most technically strong pilot because of various incidents where he saved the situation due to his strong technical knowledge of planes because of his engineering. He was later on selected in NASA “Man In Space Soonest” program which ultimately lead to his landing of moon (Field, 2012). Although to be an astronaut was not his aim it was just a grand and ultimate mean of his love towards flying.

Explanation of Influence

Armstrong had a strong influence on me because it was primarily due to him that I learned to dream big and work for achieving that dream. His life made me realize that if your aims are in accordance with your interest and you work for achieving those aims than there is a very slim change that you would not succeed.

He being the second individual of his family to attend college made me realizes that how important it is to break the norm and take charge of your life to achieve something. His achieving masters in science and moving ahead in his career in spite of the great loss of his daughter indicates that no one’s life is a smooth voyage but a tough battle in which you have to rise above the hurdles to achieve glory. His attitude, personality and achievements inspire and motivate me to dream big and attain my goals without an attitude of exhibiting the struggles and achievements I made in your life.

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