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Social Psychology is a method used to explain the thoughts, feelings and behavior are influenced by human social interactions. In this paper I will detail how social factors influence the attitude and behaviors of humans in select areas related to self-perception, cultural traditions and beliefs, and the effects of group behavior as a whole. Human interaction is reciprocal action that individuals have on one another. However, individuals are more often than not unaware of the affect they leave on each other. Most people adapt to their surroundings meaning they adjust to the settings before them, and they do this mainly to fit in and keep peace among everyone.
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The evaluation of this research has helped me to understand that people do behave differently dependent upon the situation and their surrounding environment.
There are many ways our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions are influenced by others such as through advertisement, family and friends, environment, or it can something as simple as an impression someone has left on you or it may be an individual is uncertain as to how they should behave in certain situations so they follow the crowd for no particular reason.
Social factors, such as family, friendships, and socioeconomic status, and other factors that affect or direct our lifestyle often plays an important role in the way an individual behaves or lives, or view things. Family social factors has a large impact on behaviors in that this is the world you were born or brought into making it your first experience as it relates to the social aspect of life. While understanding genetics do play a major role in the social development of a person we cannot ignore the fact that family interactions and other dynamics related to the family atmosphere also determines the social make-up of an individual. The basic needs of a child must be adhered to in order for them to function in any social setting. An early stable life can positively affect the individual’s social development. Some babies come into the world as these social beings, outgoing, friendly and quick to smile while other infants tend to be somewhat mellow. Family members communicate to their children how they feel about themselves as well as well telling the child how they should feel in certain circumstances. In summary, children’s thoughts and attitudes are derived from home during the early years.
Friendships influence our attitudes and behaviors in that thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes and overall opinions are constantly being shared with one another. When most individuals are exposed to unfamiliar territory, such as worldly things, or a new way of doing something a new way of doing things they usually take on the behavior or attitude of the person that introduce the new focus or interest. Other ways friendships influence behaviors and attitudes relate to an individual’s wanting to belong or fit in with a particular group or lifestyle. More often than not most people tend to behave in ways that are consistent with their beliefs, upbringing, and or experiences. Another person’s feelings towards us can also influence behaviors and attitudes which sometimes result in behaving in ways you would not normally behave. Peer pressure can also serve as a catalyst to influencing an individual’s behavior and attitude.
An individual’s socioeconomic status can play a major role in a way a person behaves or feels about things in general. In general, most...

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