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Influences On Learning Essay

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In this essay, I will explain the theory and processes of learning from Honey and Mumford and Kolb and also the key influences of the personal learning processes of individuals.
Learning is a process by which we gain knowledge and skills. The process of learning starts in early experiences as a small child and then continues through formal education and academic study or training. Learning is not only limited to formal education but also continues informally throughout your life. Most health and social care workers are expected to support the learning of other staff as a routine aspect of their work.
Two of the most known theories linked to learning are Kolb’s experimental learning cycle ...view middle of the document...

The next time you take part in an action you approach it in a different manner to the first demonstrating that you have learned from the first experience.
Kolb claimed that it is possible to enter this cycle at any stage, however for learning to be accurate and effective each stage must be followed in the right order.
Kolb’s learning cycle theory can be applied to anyone in all aspects of everyday life.
Honey and Mumford (1982) also came up with a learning styles theory. They investigated the way different people learned and identified four learning style preferences: reflector, theorist, activist and pragmatist. The nature of these learning styles help to determine favoured situations for learning.
• Activists like to be involved in activities and thrives off new ideas. They tend to dominate in situations but also lose interest quickly. They prefer new experiences, working with others, taking the lead and taking on difficult tasks. However, they do not enjoy sitting down for long periods of time and taking in information (e.g. lectures). They dislike doing things independently.
• Reflectors like to observe activities and collect information before coming to a conclusion. They tend to let other people contribute to a task before they approach it and they consider things from other perspectives. Reflectors prefer to work without tight deadlines and they like to have time to consider things before contributing. People who are reflectors tend to dislike taking the lead and performing in front of other people. They do not like to feel rushed or pressurised by deadlines.
• Theorists tend to think logically. They like things organised and to fit in an ordered scheme. Also, they like to bring together different ideas to produce new ways of looking at things. It is common for theorists to be often detached and remote rather than emotional. Theorists like to have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in complex situations and to work with abstract ideas. They do not...

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