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Influences On America To Enter World War I: Three Of The Major Events And Reasons That Influenced America To Go To War

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The Great War was one of the most devastating wars in American history, a long struggle between the Allied and Central Powers that resulted in almost no gain in territory for either side.America did not immediately jump into the war when it was sparked by the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Serbia. President Woodrow Wilson did not wish to enter the war at first but due to several events and political and economic ties America's entrance onto the field of battle was inevitable. Three of the several reasons that the U.S. did enter the war are: Germany's naval policy (unrestricted submarine warfare), American economic interests, and propaganda from the Allied powers.The major ...view middle of the document...

A second reason that America entered World War I was its own economic interests. When Wilson took office in 1913, America was in a business depression. And during times of war, belligerent nations need supplies. The Allied powers looked to America for help and the U.S. did not hesitate. This trade with the Allies helped to boost the American economy; by 1917 values of exported munitions from America had soared by hundreds of millions of dollars. The war helped America's economy in another sense also; it created more jobs in the war industry. Because of America's prosperous trade with the Allied powers, they did not do much business with Germany and other Central Powers. America also lent large sums of money to the Allied cause in the form of loans, sums of up to two and a half billion dollars. Germany became furious and saw America as no longer neutral and as an enemy. As the situation for the allied Powers in the war in Europe was not looking good, Wilson was almost obliged to enter on the Allied behalf to protect the American loans.A third reason for America's declaration of war on Germany was the Allied propaganda. Allied powers coerced America into joining the war on their side by influencing a great deal of media in the U.S. To get America to enter the war, Britain employed the use of propaganda. They set up committees for censorship and intelligence to take control of American media. They also cut the underwater connections...

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