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Influence Of Visual Media Essay

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Influence of Visual Media

Kimberly Malave


Melissa Caldwell


• In what ways have various forms of visual entertainment media shaped American Culture and its values?

Media has changed dramatically over the last century. And visual entertainment media has shaped American culture and values in many ways as well. In today’s society there are so many different kinds of entertainment media that it has caused us to forget about the more important values in life. For example, today we all rely on the internet for so many things from shopping, to paying bills, to social media and news ...view middle of the document...

The shows for kids now in days no longer even educate, they depict such ignorance and have no sense of direction for children to benefit from.

• Are the social influences of visual entertainment media mostly positive or negative? Explain.

The social influences of visual entertainment media has made a great positive impact in our American culture, but has also made many negative impacts. I say this because while it has made many positive impacts such as allowing us view and receive our daily news and more faster than before by not having to wait for the newspaper or commercials, allowing us to access our daily and world news with just the swipe of a finger. It has also made negative impacts because it has caused more of the younger generation to become lazy, not wanting to play outside and be as active as they should be because they would rather be in the house playing video games, chatting on social sites, or texting with their friends . It has also made a negative impact by encouraging the younger youths about all the wrong things instead of...

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