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Study habits are the routinely or habitual way of studying the learner. It accustomed method of approach to units of student’s learning with his consistency in ignoring, destruction of his effectiveness to the specific materials being studied and the effects which he exerts through out the process.
Every year there are lots of comments from educators, school, administrators, and parents who are a loss on how to improve their students or children study habits. This required the teacher to promote a new mind set of learning style theories to appreciate each students as a unique ...view middle of the document...

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to answer what are the influence of the study habits on the academic performance of the grade IV pupils in San Ramon Elementary School, school year 2012-2013.
Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions.
1. How may the profile of the respondents be describe in terms of:
1.1 Sex
1.2 Age
1.3 Economic status
2. What are the common study habits of the respondents
2.1 Studying alone
2.2 Studying while eating
2.3 Group study
2.4 Last minute cramming
3. How do this study habits affect the grade IV pupils in their academic performance?
4. How can the study habits of the respondent be improved?

Significance of the Study
The findings of this study will be useful to the principal, teachers, pupils/students and parents.
To the Principal. The study could help in making the necessary strategies to uplift student’s performance in all subjects by providing appropriate materials and references.
To the Teachers. The study will serve as their starting point to analyze the difficulties among the students to appreciate each students as a unique individual teacher should promote a new mind set of a learning style theories. This can help them to conduct some to develop the good study habits of the students.
To the Students. The study will help them be aware of the study habits that can affect their academic performance, hence improve their academic performance.
To the Parents. They will know their roles in encouraging, understanding, directing and guiding their children to improve good study habits. This also promote a greater length of interacting and communicating with their children. They will benefit by realizing that the play a great role in ensuring that their children acquire good study habits.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
The study aims to determine the influence of the study habits on academic performance of grade IV pupils in San Ramon Elementary School, SY 2012-2013. This will include the profile of the respondents as to sex, age and economic status. It also describe what are the common study habits of the respondents in studying alone in the room, studying while eating, group study and last minute ...

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