Influence Of The Father On His Child

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Assignment 1: Exploration of a Professional Journal Article in Psychology
Title: The Role and Influence of the Father on his Child
Anthony Hunt
Professor Carolyn Bird
Psy 100

This research article reviews the effects of the father’s influence on his child. It involves interpretative phenomenological analysis of eight participants and the recurrence of information provided in case notes of three men and five women. This research is based on philosophical discipline originated by Edmund Husserl (1913). Husserl developed the phenomenological method to make possible a descriptive account of the essential structures of the directly given. Phenomenology emphasizes the ...view middle of the document...

In addition, pre-review journals are intended for other researchers and specialist in the field of interest. In contrast, both magazines and newspapers are intended for the general public’s readership of non-specialized information. (James, 2012, p. 1)
From the twelve master themes the focus will involve only four major themes; control, masculinity, rejection, and bad/nasty father.The first themes, control were a major theme in Paul’s narrative, to a lesser extent for Sandra, not an issue for Margaret and Charlotte, but it did surface as an emerging theme for Malcolm and Robert. For instance, it was only after the death of Paul’s father that he was able to break free from his macho father influence. He was 24 years old. Sandra was in her mid-thirties before she was able to obtain control from her father’s thoughts and behavior. Malcolm only gains control after he was sent to a children’s home. On the other hand, Robert’s situation was contradictory to the others because it was his mother rather than the father who was controlling. However, she never used her control to stop his step father’s abusive behavior towards Robert. Also, Alexa’s treatment was at the hands of her stepfather. She was abused sexually. The second major master theme, masculinity pertained to Paul’s father. Paul described the environment in which he grew up was masculine and he used the word macho several times in his narration. This was a major issue with his father. His father imposed this image upon Paul and his siblings. This affected them considerably. For his father, it signified strength and his role as head of the house. This machismo image over-rode everything.
The third major theme, rejection was for Paul and Stella as well as an emerging one for Malcolm. Paul never received any praise or approval from his father even though he went to a university. Rejection for Stella did not come directly from her father, because he was too weak to stand up to her mother. Both Stella’s and her father suffered rejection from the mother. In contrast, Malcolm’s rejection was directly from his father who tried to force him out of his home. This was a repetitious occurrence of his life with his father.
The fourth major theme, bad/nasty father was a major theme for all participants other than Stella....

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