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Influence Of Exposure Essay

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Influence of Exposure to Coke Brand Identification on Taste Perception (JC, LK, SS, ND)

1. Abstract
Short abstract, which describes the core of your study and main findings.

1. Introduction
Here you describe why your study is interesting/ important; your problem statement and research question.

1. Theory


This study aims at affirming that the taste perception of the participants will be highly influenced on whether they are exposed directly to the brand-label, are only aware of the brand or blindly tested. A previous study about the “ Influence of Beer Brand Identification on Taste Perception” proved that in a blind taste, beer drinkers “could not ...view middle of the document...

This study is not focusing on different price levels but is rather analyzing the influence of brand equity on taste perception. Furthermore is the study analyzing the role of brand exposure on the participants taste perception, which lead to two main hypothesis which are trying to find out the importance on high brand equity on good taste perception. Therefore the second Hypothesis, which will be subjected through testing, is if (2) Participants who are aware of the brand or exposed to the brand name label will associate better taste with higher brand equity and worse taste with lower brand equity than if they were blind-tested. The study is also aiming at being useful for Marketers to know how great the influence of brand equity is for good taste perception and how they can influence consumers perceptions with brand exposure. Thus, the last hypothesis is even more focused on brand exposure and high brand equity and their link with the taste perception of Participants. This leads to the third hypothesis of the study which is aiming at highlighting that (3) Participants, which are exposed to the brand name and brand label, will have an even higher perception of good taste and high brand equity than if they are only aware of the brand name. (TO Do: include title of the study, some theories from the book, more detail about approach of study)

1. Methodology
2. The design of the study: within or between subject, how many factors (independent variables)
3. Participants: who were your participants (e.g., UM students, random population), the mean (M) and Standard Deviation (SD)of age, how many males and females.
4. The dependent variables, how your dependent variable(s) was measured.
5. The procedure of what you told to your participants and how you collected your data (e.g., pen & paper questionnaire, online survey, interview)
6. How you manipulated and measured you variables.
7. How you are going to test your hypotheses, which analysis you are going to do (e.g., ANOVA, regression, t-test)
8. The description of your model: which main and interaction effects you include.

The participants were randomly divided into three equally sized subgroups. The questionnaire (see appendix) included questions about gender and age of the participants, As well as a questions concerning the participant’s preference for either Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola or neither of both brands. In the following the three different experiment settings are described. To ensure the independence of the participants, we conducted the study in a neutral setting with only one participant at a time.

Experiment 1
Each participant was presented with three different glasses of different coke types (Coca Cola, Pepsi Coke, Albert Heijn Coke). The glasses were not labeled and the participants were not provided with any further information. The participants were asked to taste the coke in each glass and indicate the score on a scale...

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