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Infidelity Essay

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2011 3rd International Conference on Advanced Management Science IPEDR vol.19 (2011) © (2011) IACSIT Press, Singapore

Review of studies on infidelity
Bahareh Zare1+

Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht branch, marvdasht, shiraz, iran.

Abstract. This paper reviews empirical studies over the past decades from all over the world in order to assess what researchers have done about infidelity issue and identify gaps in the literature where further research is needed. These studies are categorized into eight groups: 1) Different types of infidelity 2) Gender difference in infidelity 3) Education level and infidelity 4) Genetic effect on infidelity 5) Personality and infidelity 6) ...view middle of the document...

The main purpose of this article is to summarize these studies in specific groups and provide the comprehensive and classifying of researches that have done about this topic.

2. Infidelity Definition
Infidelity (colloquially known as cheating) most commonly refers to a breach of the expectation of sexual exclusivity. Infidelity can comprise a number of activities including: "Having an affair", "extramarital relationship", "cheating", "sexual intercourse", "oral sex" ,"kissing", "fondling", "emotional connections that are beyond friendships", "friendships", "internet relationships", "pornography use", and others (Blow and Hartnett, 2005). In most cultures, during intimate relationships, there is usually an express or implied expectation of exclusivity, especially in sexual matters. Infidelity is defined as unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable and the cheating on a relationship partner that takes place despite a commitment to exclusiveness. Sexual infidelity by a marriage partner is commonly called philander, adultery or an affair. What constitutes an act of infidelity varies within cultures and depends on the type of relationship that exists between people. Even within an open relationship,

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infidelity may arise if a partner in the relationship acts outside of the understood boundaries of that relationship. Different studies have been done on infidelity that they can be divided into eight different groups. Figure1 shows this classification that has been introduced in this article. These groups of studies will be discussed in the following section.

Figure1: Different groups of studies on Infidelity

3. Different Types of Infidelity
One group of studies on infidelity emphasize on different types of infidelity including: one night stands, emotional connections, long-term relationship and philandering, having an affair, extramarital relationship, cheating, sexual intercourse, oral sex, kissing, fondling, friendships, internet relationships and pornography use (Blow and Hartnett, 2005). However, most of the literature divided infidelity to more specific categories including sexual infidelity, emotional infidelity, combined sexual and emotional infidelity and internet infidelity (Glass, 1985). Moreover, within each general category there are different subgroups. For example emotional infidelity could consist of a work relationship or a long-distance phone. Sexual infidelity could consist of visiting sex workers, same sex encounters and different types of sexual activities. Beatriz (2007) investigated another type of infidelity; online infidelity which definite as a process whereby individuals involved in a long-term committed relationship seek computer synchronous interactive contact with opposite sex member. Mackenzie (2011) classified infidelity into 3 types: sexual infidelity, emotional infidelity and full investment infidelity. According...

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