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Infancy And Early Childhood Development Paper

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Infancy and Early Childhood Development Paper
DeAnna Buckley
Psy 375
November 17, 2014
Linda O'Connor

Infancy and Early Childhood Development Paper
Parents get excited to hear their baby’s first words and wonder will it be mama or da da? To see their first steps to experience the moment when they use the potty for the first time to when they go for their first day of preschool. All of these brief experiences are unforgettable precious moments. There are so many important aspects as an infant grows and develops into early childhood. There are several essential aspects that affect how a child develops such as how families affect development. In addition, this paper will ...view middle of the document...

Different Parenting Styles
There are many different parenting styles that can influence the development of a child; however, the four specific styles that this paper will be discussing are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Authoritarian is a parenting style where strict rules are laid out for the children which they must obey without any reasoning or explanation. These rules set high standards for the children and if not obeyed could result in punishment. Authoritative is a style where rules and guidelines are laid out for the child similar to authoritarian except parents are willing to hear questions and are more responsive. If a child disobeys the parents are more forgiving and nurturing rather than punishing such as authoritarian. “They are assertive, but not intrusive and restrictive. Their disciplinary methods are supportive, rather than punitive. They want their children to be assertive as well as socially responsible, and self-regulated as well as cooperative” (Kopko, 2013). Permissive is another parenting style that is quite different from the first two discussed in this paper. Permissive parenting style has little rules and guidelines they provide low expectation for maturity and self-control. Parents are more lenient and can be more nurturing versus demanding. Parents act more as a friend than as a parent. Uninvolved parenting style is the most extreme out of all three when it comes to meeting the needs of the child. Parents require very few demands if any at all with very little responsiveness, and little to no communication. Basically, the parents will satisfy the basic needs of the children but do not acknowledge that they are even there. There are some extreme cases where the child’s basic needs are not even met.
Recommended Parenting Style
The parenting style I feel is the best out of all four is authoritative because a parent should still “be the parent” and lay down rules and guidelines for the child to follow. The child does not possess life experiences and wisdom at this age it is the responsibility of the parent to help guide them through their life experiences in a way that they are safe but still can figure things out on their own. Authoritative gives them some wiggle room to make mistakes and an opportunity for the parents to sit down and talk with the child and communicate why what they did was wrong and help them grow from the experience. No one is perfect not even adults, even adults will make wrong decisions, or do something that offends someone but in the end it is about learning from that experience and being able to grow from it and that is what this parenting style helps teaches the children.
I was brought up in a household that was based on an authoritarian parenting style and as a child that can be extremely frustrating because you are being told that you cannot do something but because you are still young and you do not possess those life experiences and wisdom you cannot...

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