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Inevitability Of Prejudice Essay

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The position taken in this paper is a personal one justified by biology and social sciences. I believe that no race, sex, religion, or social group is superior to another, nor do I condone or believe in any acts of hate based on one’s denomination.

Deeply rooted in our brains is the preference to associate with people who more closely resemble ourselves. When given a choice, a person is more likely to associate with someone of the same race, religious affiliation, social class, or gender as them because they can relate to that person more easily. In this unconscious decision to prefer people who closely resemble ourselves, humans are instinctively prejudice towards people who are ...view middle of the document...

This has made it nearly impossible the two groups to relate with each other and coexist happily, so it only makes sense that Europeans had a hard time sympathizing with Africans and committed atrocities towards them such as coercing them from their homes in Africa into America as slaves. We have since realized that slavery is wrong no matter how little you are able to sympathize and relate to the group of people, but despite the abolition of slavery and anti-segregation and discrimination laws implemented in the United States, wherever two ethnic groups that are culturally different exist-- so will prejudice.
The difference between prejudice and discrimination is that prejudice refers to thoughts and feelings about an ethnic group, whereas discrimination refers to negative actions against people deemed inferior on the basis of their race (pg. 361 in You May Ask Yourself by Dalton Conley). Discrimination is obviously wrong, and it is also easier to control than prejudice since laws can be made against it, but prejudice cannot be eradicated as long as two different groups exist, as it is inevitable for humans to have predisposition towards those who are different and preference towards those who are similar. While discrimination is blatant, socially unacceptable, and in most cases illegal, prejudice is more subtle and present in everyone. While everyone has a bias towards people most similar to them, they know it is wrong to think people different than them are inferior and do not discriminate. In the United States, discriminatory policies were removed with the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, but since prejudice is inescapable, it is deeply rooted in institutions throughout the country today, creating an unfair disadvantage for minorities.
Institutional racism refers to the prejudice in institutions that may seem race neutral, but actually provide a disadvantage to minority groups ("Racism/Race Discrimination." Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development. Ed. Deborah Carr. pg. 371.) Institutional racism is wrong, but it is impossible to eradicate due to the subconscious racial bias in everyone, so the minority population is subject to the policies of the majority which logically and possibly unintentionally tend to favor themselves. An example of institutional racism is the case of race and property values. Property in predominately African American neighborhoods don’t accrue value at the same rate as that in mostly white areas. The value of property is only what the market values it at, and when the proportion of African Americans living in an area rises, the price of the neighborhood’s houses decline accordingly ("Racial Prejudice." Prejudice in the Modern World Reference Library.) It does not take any racist individuals to cause this phenomenon, merely the prejudice of the majority who have the most control over the economy. Aside from any personal ideology, whites have an economic incentive to sell their property as the...

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