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Inequality In Kenya Essay

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After independence, the few educated Kenyans easily acquired wealth, without competition, and major changes since then has spawned few rich people because this group perfected ways of ensuring that wealth does not leak out, including marrying among themselves.
Distribution of benefits of economic growth has been one of Kenya’s biggest challenges in its quest for long term prosperity and stability putting the suitability of the trickle-down economics that Presidents use after coming to power under intense scrutiny.
Recent events in Kenya have cast a disturbing light on the depth and complexity of social distress in the country. The conflict arising from ...view middle of the document...

However signs of the malaise have been apparent to scholars and policy makers for decades. Since independence Kenya has been characterized by a huge gap between the rich and the poor. This gap has come with its own impacts and consequences.
Education was supposed to mitigate inequality or be the great equalizer but it has ended in being the greatest uneqauliser. Parents have come to realize that. In fact, one other measure of inequality in Kenya is the emergence of private schools. School can make up for the deficiency in intellectual endowment., Rich parents can hire tutors , the school you go to determines how far up the social ladder one will go. Unequal access to all levels of education is a basic characteristic of the educational system in Kenya. This leads to deepening regional, class and gender differentiation in the country. Further the content of the education in Kenya is skewed in favor of the softer subjects for the service sector at the expense of IT and other development relevant science technologies. Majority of the poor households are not able to afford funds to take their children to school. This creates a gap in the society because opportunities distribution in the market is based on the different levels of education. Through the social welfare and education systems, the country has managed to reduce tensions amongst economic groups.

Crime and Insecurity in Kenya: It is clear that the interplay between economic, social and political factors have contributed to crime and state of insecurity. Key issues that have a bearing on crime and insecurity include inequality and poverty: most crime committed is poverty related with crimes such as stealing and robberies forming the bulk of crime recorded. Inequality in terms of access to social amenities and economic opportunities is also a big contributory factor in exacerbating crime.
Conflict amongst pastoral communities has increased dramatically and is attributed to poverty and inequality in accessing infrastructure, social amenities and resources like water and land.
Politics has sparked off the latest post-election violence. The violence and conflict are rooted in the favoritisms of state practice based on ethnic alliances. Political activities that have often spilled over into violence and hence insecurity are a characteristic feature of Kenya and these have serious implications. Poverty and inequality are a major cause of crime, violence and conflict and therefore general insecurity. More important however is the absence of democratic governance which has led to the manipulation of state institutions giving rise to rampant corruption, ethnicisation of state institutions, absence of accountability and generalized impunity granted to the power elite. The state has thus failed to provide a general state of peace and security and leads people to feeling that the law is applied in a discriminatory manner and that they are abandoned and unprotected.
The effects of a wide...

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