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Industry Essay

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Construction in general is the process of building or assembling of architecture. The construction sector is responsible for building new houses, apartments, factories, offices and schools. It also builds roads, bridges, ports, railroads, sewers and tunnels, among many other things. In addition, it maintains and repairs all of those structures and produces the basic materials such as concrete that are used to make them. The industry’s significance is due not only to the fact that it provides the buildings and infrastructure on which virtually every other sector depends, but to the fact that it is such a sizeable sector in its own right. The construction ...view middle of the document...

This Portland cement enabled the users to create ready made beams and columns that could be made at a place and transported to wherever required. This created a significant impact on the construction process and the industry.

Architectural glass:

Alastair Pilkington developed architectural glass or flat glass between 1953 and 1957. This invention and usage gave lot of ventilation and look to the buildings.
It was used as internal partitions and mostly removed the usage of wooden windows. This invention revolutionized the designing of the buildings thereafter.

Iron bar:

It was first in the year 1781 when the first bridge was constructed on Iron compared to the old wooden bridges. This idea was implemented, as there were lots of goods to be moved from the industries across the river after the industrial revolution. This provided great strength to the bridge and later this idea was extended to buildings in the form of iron bars in columns and complex structures. This usage of iron bars gave lot of strength to the building thus helping them to construct structures of greater heights with greater stability.


Introduction of construction cranes had brought in great value to the construction industry. It helped in building taller buildings. Machineries like hoist and cranes have greatly refused the human efforts and also brought down the process timing, thereby increasing the output.

Thermo mechanically treated bars:

TMT Bars, Thermo mechanically treated bars are high strength deformed steel bars used in reinforced cement concrete (RCC) work manufactured with the help of advancement of technology. TMT bars are latest production in MS steel bars and have superior properties such as strength, ductility, welding ability, bending ability and highest quality standards at international level. They have some special features like corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, higher bonding strength, higher thermal resistance and no loss in strength at welded joints.

Plaster of Paris:

Throughout the world the technology of plaster of Paris expertise was gained by gypsum calcination. Most of the wooden houses were covered with plaster as a protection against fire. These plaster were then used lately to create intricate design and improve the aesthetic looks of the buildings.


The technology of welding evolved in the early 90’s. This was another important innovations that shaped the face of construction industries.

Other than these technologies there were few monumental structures erected in this period. Few of those are like the Kansai airport, Petronas towers, Buckingham palace, winter palace, Eiffel tower, burj khalifa etc.

Kansai Airport:

A man-made island, 4 km (2.5 mi) long and 2.5 km (1.6 mi) wide, was proposed. Engineers needed to overcome the extremely high risks of earthquakes and typhoons. Construction started in 1987. The sea wall was finished in 1989. Three mountains were excavated for...

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