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The Industrialization period was a time of unprecedented human advancement and lead to a variety of changes in the religious structure of society. The advances of this time period forever changed the world and altered course of human history. As these transformations were occurring, people suddenly began to find themselves wealthier and wealthier. And as the standard of living rose dramatically, education also became more readily available. It was through these mediums that the assault on religion began. With the eventual outcome of religious values being replaced with scientific ones. Ideas and beliefs were no longer to be guided by a religious entity, but by logic and reason.

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Science was developing rapidly during this era and quickly beginning to take hold of the education system of industrializing nations. People with increasing frequency were suddenly finding themselves questioning the infallible word of God. This would eventually lead to the removal of bible study within the education system and replacing it with more modern ideas. The publication of one book in particular had a devastating effect on Christian faith. This book was called the On the Origin of Species and it was written by Charles Darwin. It completely altered the way people viewed creation by providing many facts supporting the theory of evolution [2]. Scientific circles quickly began to become influenced by the discoveries presented in that book until eventually all of society became familiar with its contents. This would only have been possible through the education system. Ultimately this lead to more and more people to forsake their religion and look instead towards science for all the answers of the universe. It was definitely a turning point in Western civilization.

During the Industrialization of China things were very different. The end result of industrialization and modernizing thought might have been the same, but the methods used to attain it were completely antithetic. To understand the change that occurred in China during that time period, one has to go back a few hundred years back to the time of the foreign invasions. China due to its lack of technology and innovation suffered terrible defeats at the hands of the foreign invaders. This event asterisked a dark spot in Chinese history and one that Chinese people could not forget and certainly did not wish to repeat. It was then decided by Chinese leaders that one of the main vehicles in the restructuring and modernizing of society would be through...

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