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Industrial Revolution Roles Of Women And Children

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Women and Children Industrial Revolution For many English families in the 1800's, the main source of income was home business, or the cottage industry, in which people produced goods in their homes. Few products could be manufactured by this industry, and as a result, powerful, mass-producing machines were developed to assist in the need for faster production rates. These often massive machines could not be placed in homes, leading to the use of factories, which were ran by numerous laborers. The need for skilled workers resulted in the requirement of education for the children of the working class, and women also played a new role, working outside the home to feed their families, ...view middle of the document...

Children during the Industrial Revolution were oftentimes forced to work in order to help support their families. Four-year old children were often set to backbreaking labor in coal mines and factories, that would have them working from sun up to sun down. Two factors contributed to the development of child education; one was parliaments discovery of the harsh conditions in which the children worked, and the other was a need for skilled, educated workers in factories. Laws passed in the 1870's made it mandatory for children to be educated. The middle class, who often embarked on higher-level learning after elementary school education, mostly attended full, daylong sessions at school. The working class, however, attended school only as many hours as was required by law, to allow them time to return to their work at the mines and factories. As a result of this higher level of education among the population, more people could enjoy the privileges of reading newspapers and books, thus keeping them more informed about world events and their communities. The advancement in literacy allowed for higher-paying jobs, such as newspaper journalists, editors, and reporters. Education resulting from the Industrial Revolution improved the life of English citizens by providing them with advantages involving...

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