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Industrial Revolution Report

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Report on Industrial Revolution

1. One of the most impactful inventions in the Industrial Revolution was the steam engine. This device invented by James Watt altered history because of it impact on transportation and factories. James Watt found that there was a way to produce steam from coal. Then he discovered that you could use that process to make engines and also use the steam to power numerous machines in factories. Because of his invention, automobiles were able to be created and the use of machinery was enhanced which was a key change in the industrial revolution. WIth cars introduced to the world, transportation took on a new dynamic along with trains and steam powered boats. ...view middle of the document...

Working in the fields all year long with your family beside you was the coming jobs for families. In the higher classes, people weren’t required to do as much labor as others because they usually had enough money to have other people do work for them. The difference in the their class was before the industrial revolution, they did not have actual businesses or factories; they mainly worked for the state or owned large farms that produced goods. Before the industrial revolution, communication and transportation was also more challenging. Granted better, more efficient boats were being introduced, there still was no such thing as a car running on an engine, the telegraph, or trains and railroads and those were the primary inventions that enhanced communication and transportation for people. Before those inventions, you got places by walking or on horses and the best shot you had at talking to someone far away was by sending a letter. Compared to during the Industrial revolution, before it the times seemed unadvanced considered the huge improvements and inventions made during the Industrial Revolution.
3. The Industrial Revolution has a lot to do with the conditions we live in today. If it were not for the revolution, concepts such as phones or cars wouldn’t have come as far as they have today. In the revolution, the world got a jumpstart in advancing society. Because of inventions such as the steam engine, cars were created and over time they have evolved into amazing machines that are considered a necessity for humans today. We have James Watt and Henry Ford to thank for that.Also if it weren’t for that first telegraph produced in the industrial revolution, the concepts of phones and cell phones wouldn’t even be. In the industrial revolution, so many inventions were made that evolved into bigger and better things; that is why they are so important because like I said before, if it weren’t for these small inventions, the bigger ones we’ve made today wouldn’t have been possible. You always have to start somewhere and in regards to the development of our societies, it all started with the Industrial Revolution.

4. The negative outcomes of the Industrial Revolution when it first arose in Britain then throughout Europe included social distinctions, urbanization, child labor, and the difficulties associated with working the factories. During the early years of the revolution, the entrepreneurs and factory owners became very wealthy while the people who worked the factories for the entrepreneurs and factory owners became soul-crushingly poor thereby increasing the gap between the rich and the poor and arising social tension. The early Industrial Revolution brought rapid urbanization, moving the working place from home and farms to factories. Cities soon began to grow...

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