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Industrial Revolution Essay

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Prior to the industrial revolution United States mainly struggled maintaining stable flow in its economics and politics. Despite all U.S. had gone through, this part of world was always attractive to Europeans and Europe encouraged Americans to absorb the rules of new era that required industrial revolution. Although industrialization started in United States by early 19th century, but total industrial revolution took place since Civil War ended; and it started booming by the beginning of 20th century.
Three major aspects of industrialization during 1865 and 1920 that influenced U.S. society, economy, and politics. Consider issues such as geography, entrepreneurship, legislative ...view middle of the document...

By telephone people and businesses could communicate over long distances immediately. Telephone is still substantial way of communication across the globe.
Bessemer process in steel production, mechanized elevator invented by Elisha Otis, escalator invented by Jesse W. Reno and other inventions took industrialism to next step.
* Dominant Capitalism
Along with booming industrialism, businesses moved from being a family owned to well organized corporations. As a result, some businesses like Carnegie’s steel business followed vertical integration which required controlling each process of steel production and some others like J.D. Rockefeller’s petroleum business was focused on horizontal integration that required buying out small business and keep whole industry under control (monopoly). Businesses attained these business strategies to grow vastly, and once they started grow enough then it became almost impossible for them to keep eye on everything. Managers stepped into capitalistic world since then to keep control of various fields of a business for an entrepreneur. Supervisor position became third responsible body right after to complete full managerial hierarchy. The hierarchy in the corporations was essential part of integrating to capitalism. Managers and supervisors made companies available for across the country and across the globe with better control over businesses.
Financial institutions played another important role for these incorporated businesses to expand and grow by making capitals available for them to achieve their goals. Stock market was a key issue as well in adopting capitalism. It was alternative financial source for businesses as well. It helped people to acquire shares of publicly open companies in stock market.
* Labor Unions
Labors were always seen as the weakest band of chain in the businesses since there were more than enough people available for any job. Workers could easily be replaced, fired without a reason, weren’t allowed to take sick days and didn’t get paid fair enough. Although they contributed a lot to industries, but in return their efforts weren’t fully appreciated. As soon as labors recognized their crucial importance to the employers, they started demanding their rights. It didn’t take long for them to form some sort of unions to fight effectively against employers who undermined their rights. Labors weren’t welcomed tolerantly by entrepreneurs. And businesses couldn’t stand labor strikes simply because they highly depend on labors. Back then government was acting in businesses’ favor by sending armed forces to destroy labor strikes.
The Knights of Labor was first national labor union that actually fell at the same speed as it stepped up to ladder. American Federation of Labor was second in line to carry out the mission of representing workers’ interests. In general these labor unions helped regular Americans to defend values and interests they share. Later on it also helped United...

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