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Industrial Relations In Asia Essay

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Industrial relations in accordance to tradition, is the relationship between the management and the employees in an unionized organization. This relationship is formal and legalistic, as it involved the acts of law. It is also often viewed as the sub set of employment relationship. Industrial relations play an important role in Asia, with significant transition over the years. Despite the fact that different Asian countries opted inconsistent strategies in the aspect to industrial relations, I do not agree to the statement saying that Singapore is the odd country out when compared to other Asian countries.

Background to Industrial relations in Singapore

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The NTUC and PAP shared the same ideology and workers were not welcomed to join NTUC if they did not support the PAP. Another vital transformation was the government enforcing industry and general unions to become enterprise union in the 1980s (Morley et al. 2006). The Singapore industrial relations system aims to work towards to improve the life quality of life of every Singaporean. Tan (1995) characterized it as a ‘cooperative tripartism’; Government as the main policymaker with economic growth, political stability and industrial harmony as the core responsibilities.

Industrial relations in Singapore is often characterizes differently mainly due to the heavy state intervention. Critics claimed that the lawfulness of Singapore’s tripartite system is very dubious in regards to the inequitable status between the unions, employers and the state (Morley et al. 2006). I do agree that the labour movement in Singapore is subordinate to the government, which the government plays a significant
and influencing role. However, I do not acknowledge that Singapore is the odd one out when it comes to industrial relations in Asia. Different countries definitely adopt diversities in managing their systems; in view of the different backgrounds, cultures, strengths and weaknesses. In fact seeing the positive outcome of the system that Singapore adopted, several countries did make effort to refine their system as of Singapore’s. Below will state several factors that show the common trends in Asian industrial relation, which in return will contend my views.

The saying of a heavy state intervention industrial system in Singapore is disagreeable. At times many people tend to repudiate the fact that the most primitive role to determine the nature of industrial relation is played by the...

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