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Industrial Marketing Essay

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Management of Innovation
Developing an integrated MP3 online storage tool

Laruelle Alexandre – Messaoudi Sami – Mharzi Amina – Ndao Soda - Touré Adama Institut de Commerce International de Dunkerque

Target Market Needs

 Target: general public
 Needs: security, products availability, rapidity, wide products range, competitive prices


 Lead-users within the industry: cultural goods consumers, readers, e-buyers
 Lead-users outside the industry: none

Lead-Users wishes
Security of the purchasing process Rapidity Practical

Product availability


Competitive prices

Key products

 Basic activity: selling books  Amazon payments: secured payment system  Amazon Premium: Annual subscription  Amazon MP3: MP3 platform

R&D strategy

 Selling diversified goods using innovative e-commerce methods all over the world

Competitors spends in ...view middle of the document...

Assignment formulation

 Who ? This assignment is to be handled by the R&D department

Assignment formulation

Economic Specifications - Annual subscription ( 0 – $79 a year)  Minimize the support cost of the program (FAQ)

Assignment formulation

specifications • Access to your music from anywhere, at anytime.

Assignment formulation

Funcional specifications
 Support other files extension (MP3, WMA…)  Unlimited data capacity ( Ultra version)  Integrated music Player  Smart radio  Integrated antivirus program (software)

Visualization of the concept

Commercialization strategy

 Trial period ( One Month)  Allowing customers to test the tool  Training sessions  No new technology involved

Commercialization strategy

 Support & Maintenance by R&D and CSR  Target public for the commercialization: Young people and professionals  Used channel: Amazon MP3 Store (existing channel)  Marketing campaign: communication/newsletter


 the number 1 problem of R&D is Time!
 Innovation is to be fast to get the competitive advantage as soon as possible!

People will pay through their mobile phones so they don’t need to move and go to the music shop to buy their products. However, they don’t need to store or read their music online because they want to be in touch with their music (physical storage) The world looks exactly how it did 10 years ago. People still go to the music shops, buying music and pay directly because of worries about security. They don’t store online, they want to keep the pleasure to possess physically something. NFC: Mobile payment Many people store online  access in train, or in the street. No need to wait to download. People don’t go anymore to the musicshop: they want to get the good as fast as possible: they buy and they pay through their mobile phones. Cloud use: Some people prefer going online to listen to music that allow them to save time, space and give them an instant access to the cultural goods they bought. But those same people don’t want to pay their music online for safety reasons.

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