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Industrial Hygiene Essay

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Industrial Hygiene



Safety factors
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have categorized bio agents as an area of interest in order to reduce the lethal effects of them if used as a terror agent. Bioterrorism infection results high mortality rates for the infections can be transmitted from one person to another and are likely public panic and reduction in population (Luttrell, 2008).
In order to contain them some safety measures in a laboratory should be implemented. Laboratory attendants should use gas masks, protective goggles, and medical gowns and boots to protect themselves(Textbook of modern toxicology, 2013). These have the ability to prevent ...view middle of the document...

* Safe work practices and procedures
Workers must be supported by assessing all the required protective gear; the premises should be highly disinfected to ensure no expose. Employees are also called upon to show professionalism in their work.
* Emergency response
Actions that will be taken in case of exposure, animal escape; fire, flood, and spill among other unexpected happenings should be well outlined.
* Regulatory compliance
The company should get certification from all relevant bodies that they have adhered to the required practices and measures.
Response to a bioterrorism attack
A standby medical attention should be in place in firms that deal with bio hazards. The medical personnel should have conducted previous drills in anticipation for a real attack (Wexler, 2009). A seclusion ward should be in place to ensure that the infected are quarantine from the rest of the people. The firm should have prepared antidotes to be used in such cases. Such victims should be placed under a 24hour period and when they recover they must also be under keen watch.
Barceloux (2012) says that where there is a widespread attack the facility should be closed down and call for experts in the field to work in partnership with the firms medics in order to contain the situation. Such will ensure that other areas in the region are not at a risk of infection. Medics will work fast to contain the attack before it turns out to be a calamity. Closing down will also allow room for investigating what went wrong and recommend ways on how it can be amended to avoid a future incidence.
Sources of three harmful biological agents
Bacteria like Bacillus anthracis is one harmful bio hazard. They are spread through inhalation, skin contact or swallowing of the spores. It is a deadly in that it may take less than a week if not detected to cause death. Ebola is a deadly virus which kills within 7 days of airborne, contact with an infected person. It causes fever which if not properly examined with accompanying symptoms may be confused with other diseases like malaria. Ricin is a plant toxin which can be made air-, insect- or water-borne to achieve its deadly effects (Ryan, 2008)....

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