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Indp Part 1 Essay

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Integrative Network Design Project, Part 1
September 9, 2013

Integrative Network Design Project, Part 1
Kudler Fine Foods is known for the retail Gourmet Foods. They have three locations in San Diego, CA. Those Locations are the La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Kudler Fine Foods was first founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998.
Characteristics and Components
When looking at possible system failure we need to take into account Kudler’s current system. Kudler’s Fine Foods 3 offices have almost identical setups, Novel 4.11 for their servers, along with POS systems and their office site connectivity. They all use the same bus network topology for connection for their onsite connectivity. By using this computers connects to a central bus that runs along the entire network and the information is ...view middle of the document...

With this kind of modem it does require an additional phone lines and with that means that the system is not always connected to the network. This type of network are very hard to troubleshoot, if one system goes down it could cause other issues for the system (Kudler Fine Foods, 2010).

Standards Applicable
As Kudler Fine Foods wanting to increase productivity by upgrading and then enhancing their network they must keep it uniform at each location. The best way to upgrade the network is to use the OSI standards. “The Open Systems Interconnection model is a set of standards specifications that will allow various computer platforms to communicate with each other properly” (Cahill, 2010). By using a layered model it establishes a prescribed guideline for interoperability between each branch location and performs different data communication tasks, this way Kudler Fine Foods will see each transaction recorded, adjusted, and inventoried in real time.
In Conclusion
The initial goals of this program are to increase store revenue and customer satisfaction. So, by making their systems more current and interconnected between each branch they can eliminate several of their current issues they have in terms of being more organized and efficient concerning their network. Using a standard strict system that will be put in place they can keep communication and data transmission flowing seamlessly between each location and then ultimately increase their productivity. But now the design of the system does pose potential vulnerability in their network and this is needed to keep the system not only from failure, but also from such security attacks.

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