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Indiviuals As Leaders Essay

546 words - 3 pages

Managerial Assessment and Development-1
Bonita Hargrett
Individual Assignment Unit #4
Contingency Leadership Theories
Everest University
Instructor: Jill Heaney
November 11, 2014


In this assignment we were asked to read chapter #4 and Complete Review Questions 1-11 on page 138, and also answer question 1- 6 page 139-140 about Case on W. L. Gore. These answers will come from the finding I learn while reading this chapter about Individuals leadership traits or skills are lacking, characteristics of the subordinate, task, and organization can replace the need for a leader or neutralize the leader’s behavior. Plus the different personality traits that is needed and found in a great leader-Managers exchange and fellowship and how manager can be unethical with some followers and still be a team with people being faithful to their leader ...view middle of the document...

Yes, global economy relate to contingency leadership because it help deals with international problem all across the world.
4. What are the two contingency leadership theory leadership styles?
Task Oriented and Relationship oriented leadership styles.
5. Do the three situational favorableness factors of the contingency leadership model (see Exhibit 4.3 on page 118) fit in only one of the three variables (follower, leader, and situation) or all contingency leadership variables (see Exhibit 4.1 on page 113)? Explain.
6. What is the difference in the outcomes of the contingency leadership and the continuum leadership models and that path-goal model?
7. What are the three subordinate and environment situational factors of the path-goal model?
8. What are the path-goal theory leadership styles?
9. What are the normative leadership theory leadership styles?

10. What is the primary difference between the contingency leadership model and the other leadership models (leadership continuum, path-goal, and normative leadership)?
11. What are the three substitutes for leadership?

Contingency Leadership Theories
1-6 in the case study about Terry Gou on pages 139-140.
1. Do you agree with Fiedler’s belief that people have one dominant leadership style and cannot change styles? Explain.
2. Do you believe that managers today are using more boss- or more subordinate-centered leadership styles?
3. Do you agree that time is an important situational factor to consider in selecting a leadership style for the situation? Explain.
4. The normative leadership model is the most complex. Do more variables improve the model?
5. One group of authors believes that Fiedler’s contingency leadership model is the model best supported by research. However, a different author believes that it is the normative leadership model. Which model do you believe is best supported by research? Why?
6. Which contingency leadership theory do you think is the best?

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