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Individuals Who Effected History Essay

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Throughout history there have been many individuals who have affected culture and society. These people range from rich to poor, intelligent to uneducated and different races and religions. Many of these people are studied and admired today. Among these people are William Shakespeare, Susan B. Anthony and Picasso. Many societies have been influenced by literature. In fact the entire world has been affected by the famous William Shakespeare. He has made the largest impact out of all the famous writers. His works are still being taught and read today since the day he published them in the 15th and 16th century. Many plays and books are based on the original ideas of his literature. ...view middle of the document...

Susan B. Anthony played a major role in women's rights. She learned to read and write and then became a teacher in a school. From there she played a huge role in setting up the American Equal Rights Association and the National Woman Suffrage Association. Both of these groups were established to support woman and to benefit them. As time passed women were granted more rights, however, it was not until World War I that women began to be thought of as equals. Since many men were drafted to the war the women took their place in the business world. It was shown that women were able to perform tasks and duties just as well as men. Painting played an important role in history as well. It marked the beginning and end of different time periods. Picasso was one of the first abstract artists. His paintings were the start of a new era where artists began to draw abstract paintings. Even caveman had primitive paintings. Paintings symbolize many things and are even a form of communication. A major effect of painting was the Renaissance. It marked a period of rebirth. In this time period artwork played an important role. Painting is appreciated by many people and is related to culture. Painting is also a way that people express their feelings and emotions. In conclusion it is rare that only one society or culture will be affected the elements of literature, the roles of women or painting. Different societies observe and learn from the advances made by a society. So it is hard to just name one society that was affected by these elements. When a society benefits from something then another society will want to follow in its footsteps.

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