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Individuals And Ideas Generated Essay

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In order to appropriately respond to this question, we would firstly need to have an unambiguous understanding of exactly what needs to be responded to. It is clear the main issue is ‘Groups’ and as such, we will define and explain what groups are, identify some types of groups and of course, analyse the benefits and disadvantages of working in a group or by oneself.
Simply put, a group can be defined as two or more individuals interacting and interdependent, who have come together to ...view middle of the document...

(Cartwright and Zander 1968)
It has been found that people usually work better in groups as it allows them the opportunity to develop more complex and larger scale activities and can also be, significant sites of socialization and education - which enables people to develop a sense of identity and belonging, and to deepen knowledge, skills and values and attitudes; places where relationships can form and grow, and where people can find help and support; as well as the setting can allow wisdom to flourish. As James Suriwiecki (2004) has argued, it is often the case that “the many are smarter than the few”.
Before we can actually place individuals in groups, we must also understand that there are specific stages groups must first go through in order to achieve maximum utilization. This is referred to as the Lifecycle of a Group, and it is at this point where the group’s development takes place. Bruce W. Tuckman (1965) developed that model which highlighted the various phases a group experiences – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing; and later,
Tuckman and Jensen (1977) included Adjourning as a fifth phase for temporary groups.
Briefly explained, the first stage, ‘Forming’ is where the individuals’ behaviour is driven by the desire to be accepted by others, and avoid controversy or conflict. Serious issues and feelings are avoided and people focus on being busy with routines, such as group organization. This is the stage where, for instance, the ‘who does what’ and ‘when to meet’ is decided upon. Other information, such as, personalities are reviewed and new friends are made, impressions (about each other, the task at hand and how to approach it) is gathered. It is relatively the easiest stage to be at, but productivity is at its lowest, as the members’ avoidance of conflict and threat means that not...

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