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Individuality Essay

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Bryan Vachon Dr. Tardiff Theology 3 Honors 24 November 2008 To reflect on individuality is an almost impossible task without first comparing and relating individuality to both freedom and conformity. In this case, true freedom can be built upon our own personal individuality while restricted freedom can result from conformity under a presiding government. So which are better, true freedom and individuality or restricted freedom and conformity? In the world, there are those people who merely follow the herd, and then there are those individuals who strive to lead and be their own people. There are those who flock towards one another in desperate times and those that stand alone; strong. To follow the masses constitutes a loss of self, of knowing who you are, and trying to blend into the crowd. The latter demands respect which ultimately contributes to knowing one self. To flock and to hide enacts a sense of restricted freedom and an ...view middle of the document...

In this sense, we aren’t free but rather accept the multitude of evil inflicted upon us. However, true freedom brings us a series of excessive options to choose from. But really, an excessive choice of options isn’t necessarily a boldly supporting argument for individuality. Rather, as an individual learns to deal with oppression and an excessive choice of options, individuality suggests our notion to choose based on our own ethics and morals. In this sense, we have a vast amount of options, but rather we base our final decision upon the values which uphold our own realization and individuality. For example, Thomas More in a Man for All Seasons displays the utmost sense of being an individual, a person with true freedom, and a man of unaffected conscience. As Moreoutright rejects the King’s new marriage, the King ironically approaches More. As the King appeals to Moreby offering his friendship, More is approached by 2 options: signing his signature or leaving the paper blank. In this case, Morefaces a series of values or dissatisfactory notions depending on his decision. So, if Moredoesn’t sign the paper he is losing his life. But if he signs the paper, he gains a good reputation and a respect of his country. More’s conscience dervieshis final decision by rejecting the king’s claim hence a jailed life. Rather, More’s decision prohibited his physical life but more or less developed his individuality. Unlike More, Neo in the Matrix gains his freedom following his institution into the Matrix and later his rejection of it. The oppressiveness and evils of the Matrix enact a feeling of power towards Neo, but at the same time, pulls him farther and farther away from his name, his individuality. When Neo rejects the Matrix, he has freed himself from its oppressiveness and hence gained true freedom. Some may say that Neo isn’t really an individual because his individuality isn’t displayed but rather his power is. However, Neo’s journey from slavery to his denial of the Matrix is a gradual development of his self, his realization. Differing from More, Neo’s individuality develops over his resistance to oppression whole More’s individuality stands strongly alone, set upon its supporting values.

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