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Individual Vs Co Located Groups Essay

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Module -2 IND Co-Location vs Virtual Groups

Submitted by – Aniruddha Pathania

Submitted on – 2015-09-19

There are two approaches to a project team. The first is a co-located group and the second is a virtual group. According to Kerzner, earlier project management used to be in a face to face environment where the team meetings and conferences used to be in a room and face to face. Co – located teams as the name suggests are teams where members need to be physically present. Co – located groups are a more traditional way of team projects. Nowadays its due to the dynamic nature of business, it’s difficult to have co-located ...view middle of the document...

Members do not have to travel for conferences and meetings and it fastens up the process.
Efficient and higher productivity – Since virtual groups do not need the members to be physically present, members can work away from office at their homes and their productivity levels and retention is much higher as compared to traditional groups.
Cost efficiency – Virtual teams do not require board rooms or conference halls and they do not need any office space too. Thus it cuts all the office costs that involve groups and teams.
Flexibility – It allows the team to be flexible and they are not bound to schedules and timelines. It allows the team members to schedule their work accordingly which leads to higher morale and higher productivity.
Quick communication – Team members can communicate with each other quickly and at whichever time they want. Unlike co located groups, virtual groups do not need to call in team meetings every time they need to communicate with each other. They can simply communicate using their network.
The following are the advantages of co – located groups –
Control – Project managers and leaders have command and control over co – located groups and teams and thus they can guide them through the projects and tasks.
Team spirit – Co – located groups since involve face to face communication, they often have better team spirit. Since group members.
Brainstorming and sharing of ideas – Co – located groups can help in generating innovative and new ideas through brainstorming sessions. It can help the team leaders to use ideas from the team members to complete their tasks.
Better communication – Since it involves face to face interaction, the communication and the understanding of the group members is better. They can use gestures are personal tough to improve the communication.
Improved interpersonal relations – Co – located teams can improve the interpersonal relations of the employees and thus enable better co-ordination between the employees. It would result in better productivity of the employees and would also improve employee morale.

The following are the disadvantages of virtual groups:
Misconception – Since virtual groups lack personal touch, there can be many situations when team members are misunderstand each other and could create conflicts and problems within the team.
Technical errors – Since virtual groups depend largely on technology, there can be technical errors which may lead to wastage of time and may even cause problems during the phase of the project.
Security risk – Since virtual groups involve sharing of information over the internet, there are changes of losing of sensitive information that may...

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