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Individual Psychology Essay

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We are Responsible of our Personalities

My interviewee is a simple man who values work and cares much for his family. This traits are very evident in his everyday life. Whenever he has something to do, he always look into the benefits of doing it. It's only either of the three, for his work, for his family, or for both. This man is employed and is living away from his family. He is working on a job suited for ...view middle of the document...

I asked him when did he discovered his interest in computers, I can still remember his answer, "Actually since I was young, I'm already fascinated by computer related things - video games, weird programs, music and video downloading, and the like. As I grow old, I never remembered rejecting "computer things", that's why today, I'm feeling like a computer geek". He stated the last sentence laughing as if he really meant to say it. In times when problems try to hinder his way, he never quit. He consider this as a means of improving his capabilities and maturing in the real world.
In the view of Adler's possible traits by birth order, my interviewee is the eldest in the family. When he was still home, living with his family, he makes sure that everything is organized for things to be easily modified. He do have the power over things and as a brother, he assures that his younger siblings are in good condition. Also, he maintains respect and good camaraderie with his parents.
With this, my interviewee's personality is somewhat related with Alfred Adler's theory. People are self-determining creatures, forward moving, socially motivated, and is striving for the well-being of his own.

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