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Individual Project Unit 2 Essay

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U2IP: The Benefits of Recycling

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I. Is recycling beneficial? Yes. Recycling is the process of turning products that are considered to be waste into valuable resources. This process will reduce the amount of waste that goes into our land. Recycling will promote environmental awareness and provide more job opportunities.
A. Recycling has been around for centuries. In Roman times bronze items were melted down for perpetual use. It wasn’t until the first Earth Day in 1970 that people really started to pay attention. Because of the mass modern era, disposable goods have created the necessity for a greater amount of landfills. In 1980, people in the ...view middle of the document...

IV. Recycling would be helpful to the economy.
A. If recycling was done with 100% effort than that would open up job opportunities.
B. Recycling would produce more plants that would open up opportunities for employment.
C. This would help people financially to provide for themselves and their families.
V. Recycling all things that can be reusable will be well worth saving the environment. Who would have known what would have happened to the environment if we didn’t already have recycling now. We probably all would be digging our way through garbage every day. People need to take recycling seriously and look at all the positive possibilities that could come from this. Good things would come from making people aware of what the environment, the economy and the political situations could be like. This beautiful country that we are blessed with should be cherished as much as possible. Minimizing dangerous landfills and creating cost effective waste management systems will lead us to a successful society. Recycling is the beneficial way to go.

Thesis Statement: The environmental, political and economic situations would all be benefit from the recycling industry.

The Benefits of Recycling
Bernd, Bilitewski & Georg, Harble & Klaus, Marek.(1997).Waste Management.Germany:Springer
This book leads back as far as the 8,000 B.C. and discusses the evolution of waste
management. Waste has always been a concern for our environment. These author’s take you
through time and the different economic changes in Germany. There is informative information
that might benefit other countries. In this book, it also explains the different methods of
recycling products in different ways. This is an extreme amount of information that could be
used towards the thesis. It will have to be carefully used so that there isn’t any overlapping of
Folz, David H.(1995). The Economics Of Municipal Recycling: A Preliminary Analysis. Public Administration Quarterly, Vol.19(3), P. 299-320. 22p
This article reviews on an analysis that was done on different types of recycling
strategies. The analysis also shows the estimated costs and the benefits of recycling. It...

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