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Individual Organization Profile Essay

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Individual Organization Profile
Tina Campos
January 11, 2014
Karen Harvey

There is an organization call DOVES in my community. This organization is a non-profit organization/business that is dedicated to help individuals who has suffered from violence such as abuse, dating violence, sexual abuse, and stalking services. This organization helps out with victims who experiencing any violence and how to deal with it. Also within this program they also help prepare an individual in the future if they are even put into a situation in regards to abuse and what actions should be taken.
The organization open speaks with individuals and even family in regards to do with violence and/or abuse. It is explained as to how you may feel in regards to any type of abuse/violence and what possibilities that can be taken in regards to what can be done if the issue arises. You have meetings with the victims and families to have everyone involved so that the victim ...view middle of the document...

This organization also asks for volunteers to help with victims and even with events that the organization puts on. As part of DOVES, there are steps to follow or guide to help with guiding an individual who experiences any assault or violence. Steps would be: Ask, Listen and Believe. Another thing is to never think it was your fault that the assault/violence was provoked by you. There should be no reason why you should ever experience assault or violence.
One of the factors that influence this organization in the community is the need to be more volunteers with activities for the victims or for any individual at all who goes thru this type of situation. Each year, within the organization, it brings in volunteers to help guide through these situation to make them feel more comfortable and more understanding that they should not ever experience abuse or violence. With the volunteers who help in this organization, it allows the individuals who go thru this organization, which they are always to go to the organization for any type of advice or give information for programs that can help out.
The DOVES Program understands that the best way to address the issues of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking is to prevent these things before they happen. We consistently work to prevent violence and raise awareness through presentations, trainings and participation in community events. There are my programs that offer the following for free and confidential:
• 24 hour assistance
• Immediate, ongoing and long term support
• Emergency safe shelter
• Assistance with protection orders
• Court System information and support
• Immigration assistance
• Attorney referrals
• Transportation
The mission statement is as what it states on the website, every victim’s reaction to an assault is different; however, they may find it helpful to learn more about sexual assault and some common reactions victims experience during and after the assault. You can also provide them our information. At the DOVES Program, advocates are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866-95-DOVES (866-953-6837). You can also call if you feel you need support and guidance. We have resources and information that may help you and the victim.


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