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Individual: Information Use Paper

3575 words - 15 pages

James Jones

January 7, 2015

| |
|I plan to market a complete line of bathroom accessories including squeegees, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, coat hooks, and towel|
|bars. The product line will be designed in ...view middle of the document...

|Pricing Power |
| |
|I will not initially enjoy pricing power in marketing Widget accessories. Discount chains will be primarily interested in price. |
|In order to achieve lower costs than my larger competitors I plan to do the following: _______________________. |
| |
|My ultimate goal is to build a line so unique and promote it so effectively that consumers will be willing to pay a premium. My |
|long-term objective is to build a market that is not entirely based on price. My unique features will include: ________. |
|Section 2: The Vision and the People |
|The Vision |
| |
|I have a long-term plan to be in business for myself and to utilize the specialized business knowledge I have gained. The business |
|relationships I have developed include vendors, discount chain buyers and manufacturing resources. They are: ______, |
|_______, _______. (List and explain in detail how they will help you). |
| |
|The reasons that I feel my plans are realistic are: __________. I am the right person to pursue this opportunity because: |
|__________. |
| |
|There are special market conditions that are favorable to my getting started at this time. |
|They are: ___________. |
|The People |
| |
|Work Experience Related To My intended Business ...

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