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Individual Current Ethical Issues Paper

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Individual Current Ethical Issues Paper
Francis Valentino III
August 21, 2011
Deborah Mc Cafferty
Our founder Kathy Kudler established the Kudler Fine Foods Corporation in 1998 after working as a vice president for a defense contractor. She loved gourmet cooking, which she used to relive stress. She soon realized that there was potential for an upscale food place in La Jolla and put together a business plan and six months later the first Kudler Fine Foods opened (Kudler fine foods, 2010).
After two years the company opened a second store and a third one three years later. As the company grows and more employees are hired, the need for a new ethics program is required. ...view middle of the document...

If the employee falsifies their performance review, not only is it unethical but also it ruins the trust that has been built in the manager/employee relationship. To fix this problem we are changing the paperwork process for the review. The employees will still their own review but a manger must sign their own name themselves before turning in a review. Any employee found to be forging their supervisors name, will be terminated and informed to the legal authorities as this is considered a form of identity theft. To ensure management signs the review, during their own reviews they will be questioned about each one of their employee’s reviews and must answer accordingly and explain their remarks and recommendations. The manager must be able to defend their actions. We want to keep the integrity of the dynamic of a department.
The next issue we are going to address is timesheets. It has been brought to Human Resources attention that people have been signing in and out for breaks and comings and goings early and recording their time incorrectly, working unapproved overtime and not signing out for lunch in general. The timesheets are reviewed on a weekly basis by the department head, their direct supervisor and then payroll department. It is important that all time is accounted for correctly. The company budget is depending on the exact hours and approved...

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