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Individual Case Analysis: Newell Company: The Rubbermaid Opportunity

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The case is about the company Newell considering the acquisition of Rubbermaid Incorporated to develop a new company. . Rubbermaid is a manufacturer of plastic products ranging from children’s toys, house wares, to commercial items. Acquisitions are Newell’s main foundation when it comes to growing as a company and making sure every acquisition goes through the proper Newellization process to improve new businesses. Rubbermaid suffered from problems affecting the retail buyers who purchased their items, operations, not being able to compete with rival prices, to a decline in the company’s net earnings.
In this case Newell Company contemplated whether or not acquiring Rubbermaid would be a ...view middle of the document...

I analyzed whether or not it would be a good idea for Newell to merge with Rubbermaid. I used the evaluation the Internal and External factors, the company’s financials, and recommended strategies to improve the current problems to conduct the proper answer.
Internal Strengths:
* Newell has established a sustainable competitive advantage for the corporation and with many acquisition opportunities and internal growth momentum.
* Newell practiced a competitive strategy that was to differentiate in the basis of superior service to its mass merchandise customers.
Internal Weakness:
* Although acquiring Rubbermaid would help Newell's growth it would challenge the company's capacity to integrate and strengthen its acquisitions.
* Newell's corporate management held monthly reviews to track multiple operating and financial measures and as a result divisional management operated in a goldfish bowl under high pressure.
External Threats:
* In 1995 Rubbermaid was ranked among top 10 in Fortune’s list of America’s admired companies had drastically fallen in 1998 to No.100.
* Rubbermaid had angered their most important retail buyers with the way it passed along ballooning costs.

External opportunities:
* For several decades Rubber maid was well known for a wide range of plastic products from children's toys through housewares to commercial items.
* Rubbermaid was ranked among top 10 in Fortune's list of America's most admired companies, including the No.1993-1994.
External Factor Evaluation

Key External Factors | Weights | Ratings | Weighted Score |
  |   |   |   |
Opportunities |   |   |   |
For several decades Rubber maid was well known for a wide range of plastic products from children's toys through housewares to commercial items. | 0.07 | 4 | 0.28 |
Rubbermaid was ranked among top 10 in Fortune's list of America's most admired companies, including the No.1993-1994. | 0.04 | 2 | 0.08 |
Rubbermaid earned its early reputation by setting aggressive goals for 15 percent growth in revenues and profits and then, by large, meeting its...

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