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Individual Career Plan Essay

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Individual Career Plan
Jesus R. Rodriguez

Individual career planning is something I have not given so much thought into as I am a disabled veteran that did not think of returning back to the civilian workforce. After a couple of years of being separated from the military I decided that not doing nothing was not for me so my first goal that I set for myself was to return back to school. I have several injuries that limit what I can do so obtaining my Master in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management was the alternate route I decided to pursue. I will achieve my first goal by the end of this year in December as I only have 4 more classes before ...view middle of the document...

Staying sharp in the HR department by training and grooming my knowledge is something that I will continue to improve on.
The most important of the critical skills and competencies required to achieve success is that one must be motivated and persistent for what I believe in by having a positive self-esteem in the workplace. Another important competencie is to manage and take responsibility for your own career and decisions that are made along the career. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to achive what they want, it is a matter of working hard for it or being lazy and waiting for the opportunites to come to you. My past military career has set me up with many transferable skills such as leadership skills, organizational skills, and communication skills. While being in the service one of my tasks was to develop my 5 year military career plan and at first I questioned it, believing that I can just work hard and let my hard work take me where it wanted. Being organized and knowing what I wanted was the best thing that I could of done for myself as I now have the skills to do the same in the civilian sector with any job that I want.
Some people say that getting an education does not help, but I disagree because going to school has made me think differently and learned things that can’t be learned by just sitting around at a job. If someone needs more education or additional training for the career they want to pursue, they need to go out and get it. Most people think it will take too long to get that certification, but in reality it will take too long to get it because nothing is being done (Lucas, 2015).
Having a mentor is always useful to have for me because when I need help a mentor is full of expertise and knowledge that it would be beneficial to ask for their help. When I was in the Army we always had mentors that would be there to back you up if you needed help. No one expects you to be the subject matter expert in your position, but with help and guidance of a mentor anyone can achieve great things. When I was deployed to Afghanistan I was in charge of a fourty four Soldier platoon element and I was new to the job I was assigned. I always looked up to my mentor for his help and mentorship to help me get my mission done instead of reinventing the wheel. I have done plenty of different types of training and certifications that it does not matter what type of training...

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