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Individual Behavior And Communication Essay

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In this paper my team will compare and contrast the elements that determine individual behavior. We will also examine how the elements of communication can impact individual behavior in managing organizational behavior in the workplace. Each individual's personality is like a puzzle whose elaborate pieces are characteristics that are placed together to form a distinctive image. Some characteristics are hereditary such as gender, ethnicity, and the way a person looks. Other characteristics are formed by a person's environment like religious affiliation and value or attitude differences. All characteristics work in various combinations to impact human behavior in different situations. The ...view middle of the document...

Age may greatly influence an individual's behavior. As a young child, an individual is still immature and if the child does not gain attention or satisfaction, he or she may throw a fit of temper. As a teenager, individuals tend to test authority figures and push boundaries. To a teenager, the world seems full of possibilities and rules are infringements on their self-appointed freedoms. The older and more mature an individual becomes the more he or she learns to control the impulse to act out in an unsuitable way. In most situations, maturity leads to better judgment and adherence to social morals and rules. Maturity also gives rise to patience and the ability to critically analyze circumstances enabling a more learned approach to crises and everyday events.Age discrimination has a significant impact on individual behavior in the workplace (Bateman and Snell, 2007). Some organizations prefer to hire applicants who are younger and less experienced over those applicants who are older and more experienced. Organizations sometimes prefer hiring the applicant with less experience at a smaller salary which gives the organization an opportunity to mold the applicant into the type of employee the organization wants. An organization's view of the older, more experienced applicant might be that he or she will demand a higher salary and the loss of training time and money spent on an individual who will want to move up the organization ladder more quickly or consider retirement soon. An age related dilemma came up in one department at the Veteran's Administration hospital where an older employee found it difficult reporting to a manager who is younger. Elder employees may have the tendency to feel like the younger employee has not paid the appropriate dues or are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of a management role. To a large extent, these are not monumental problems, but organizations need to take into account that there are generational differences in the way individuals learn, the way individuals teach each other and the way individuals interact. If not addressed and properly managed this could lead to conflict in the workplace.Age discrimination could also work just the opposite. Many young applicants newly out of college have difficulty finding a well-paying job because they have little or no experience. This is sometimes referred to as a Catch-2. Businesses want experienced employees, however, many do not want to hire the young, inexperienced individuals. How can an individual gain experience is businesses are not willing to hire him or her? Personality Traits Out going, egotistical, confident, and shy is all personality traits that can have positive and negative impacts on individual behavior. This is a small sampling of a wide variety of personality traits. The following statements examine how these traits may impact individual behavior. A person whom is outgoing can be viewed by some as friendly or popular because he or she is not...

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