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Indian War Essay

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The Problems Our Nations Faces

We are currently undergoing a large government change since President Bush has left office and the new president has to pick up the pieces. President Obama has had to start with an economy that has been struggling from the over spending and over taxing of our nation. The tax dollars have not been used for the main purpose to help the economy but to fill the pockets of those we elect. Our society is looking to one man to make a difference but we are seeing that we are the reason why the systems the way it is. Our responsibility is to elect person into our government that has our best interest in mind. They are elected to represent the public and not their ...view middle of the document...

President Obama is planning to pass a 50 Billion Infrastructure Improvement Program that will generate thousands of jobs and work on upgrading our transportation, rail systems, and airlines. This is a six year plan that will not increase the federal deficit and features improvements in the way that future infrastructure improvements are funded. The plan calls for the creation of a new Infrastructure Bank that will leverage federal dollars and focus on the smartest investments in order to pay for job creating infrastructure improvements. According to the White House fact sheet, the NextGen investment is intended to help new technologies required to “move from a national ground-based radar surveillance system to a more accurate satellite-based surveillance system. This will be one of first step in working with the air traffic control systems to reduce the delays of passengers, increase fuel saving, and cut down on the air traffic noise for those that live and work near the airports. Along with these changes to the traffic control, this technology will save millions to efficiently track rail systems, shipping industry of goods and public traffic congestions.
In his address to the American Public on Saturday, he is promoting that green energy is what will develop jobs and industries for the 21st century. He feels that there is no better time to start new innovations and technologies in the green industry to future of our country. President stated that “the Americans have been held hostage to the high prices of oil and gas for decades, and countries like China, India, and Germany have attracted companies offering high-skilled good manufacturing jobs” (Quoted ). Also saying that “Since we took office, my administration has made an historic commitment to promote clean energy technology, and this will mean hundreds of thousands of new American jobs by 2012”. He has pushed his administration to investment in clean energy for the auto industry and in solar and wind power. Obama stated that a local California company, Bright Source, is building a clean energy plan in the Mojave Desert that will provide up to over one thousand jobs. This would also create enough power for 140,000 homes. Obama has been fighting with the Republicans on their manifesto, “A Pledge to Americans”. This basically states that they will take down any incentives for clean energy projects and stop the growth for new job potential. We would be stepping backwards and stepping aside to have our foreign competitors pass us in the international race to stay number one.

Secondly, we are dealing with an economy that is in a recession. We are faced not only with the unemployment at an alarming rate, but most of this is due to the economy. This problem is dealing with the banking, finance, and housing markets. If Americans are not able to borrow money to buy homes, auto mobiles, and business loans, how are we to think that we will pull ourselves out of this mess. ...

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