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Indian Starch Sector V/S Chinese Starch Sector

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It is rightly said that ' To Grab an Emerging Opportunity in its Bud, One Needs to Keep His Ears close to Ground '. Investment is also based on this methodology and to extract maximum returns out of an Investment, one needs to keep eyes and ears wide open to sense early any opportunity coming in the way. In the last report titled ' Comprehensive Analysis of Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives Sector ' a deep tabular and a brief theoretical analysis was presented of last 10 Years' Data to understand the scope and potential of Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives Sector. Now, in this report, we will present a deep theoretical argument based on the study of Chinese Starch & Starch Derivatives ...view middle of the document...

➢ Conclusion

Boom Phase in Chinese Starch & Starch Derivatives Sector evident from large-scale successful FundRaising by a major company as well entry of strong financial investors like Soros, Blackstone & Citibank into the Sector To continue with last Analysis Report on impending boom in emerging economies' Starch & Starch Derivatives sector and an expected rerating of Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives Sector, financial investors like Soros, Citibank and Blackstone have sensed this opportunity by investing in China Starch Holdings Ltd. - the cornstarch leader of China - in August 2010. This investment comes after China Starch Holdings announced that in six months ending June 2010, the group has experienced highest cornstarch price in the history of its existence. For six months ending June 2010, Company's cornstarch sales increased by 58.7 % over the same period last year while the average selling price of cornstarch increased significantly to RMB 2,322 per tonne over RMB 1,690 per tonne of 2009 which reflects a YoY increase of 37.4 %. This is not just an isolated case as in July 2010, JP Morgan & Morgan Stanely successfully raised US$ 700 mn. for China Agri Industries, another major cornstarch player of China. The likely robust growth in company's corn processing business was one of the factors contributing to such a successful respone to its issue. Recently, China Agri Industries announced its results for six months ending June 2010 and in that its cornstarch sales reached 620,000 metric tons, contributing to a 76.4% growth in revenue. The realisation price of starch surged 36.2 % YoY while the gross profit margin was at 14.8 % up from 9.7 % of 2009. To continue further, Asia Bio-Chem Group, another major pure cornstarch player of China, registered a 144 % increase in topline and a 170 % increase in bottomline in second quarter ended June 2010. This is on back of a 110 % increase in topline and a 179 % increase in bottomline registered by the company in first quarter ended March 2010. Gross Profit Margin for both the quarters stood at a healthy 17 %. This is not the end as Luzhou Bio-Chem and Global Bio-Chem, both major corn products' players of China, have also reported healthy numbers for six months ending June 2010. Luzhou reported a 34.1 % rise in topline and 74.2 % rise in gross profit YoY while Global Bio-Chem reported a 13 % rise in topline and a 75 % increase in gross profit YoY for the six months ending June 2010. All these figures reflect the robust demand scenario for Chinese Starch & Starch Derivatives sector which, in a way, provides an excellent opportunity for proactive financial investors to start investing in Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives sector. This is because, Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives sector is like a replica of Chinese Starch & Starch Derivatives sector and as of 2010, Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives sector is at a stage where Chinese sector was in 1992. Let us see how :

Per-Capita Starch...

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