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Indian Churn Essay

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Problem Statement:
The continue operators entering In the Indian telecom market and new connections
To lessen the churn by focusing on retention of customers.
480 million floating customers in the market of 12million subscribers.
Increased penetration in rural areas and less attractive customers are being added, the “Average revenue per user” (ARPU) is decreasing
12-15 million new connection are added every month and increasing of ...view middle of the document...

Disadvantage: decreasing of profit
We recommend ACA 1 which is to improve the services offered by the provider, by improving services the transfer of the customer to other networks will lessen and customer will be developed. Many customer will favour in the network, have a many loyal customer, reduced churning of subscribes in other network and it is possible that many customer or subscriber get attracted because of the new and improving service.
We therefore conclude that Chum is an integral part of the telecom business, in other words there is a large number of floating customers. To capitalize on this, operators have to create various type of services, focus on customer care and improve quality service. At the same time, operators will have to think of new loyalty schemes to give incentives to loyal and high customers.

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