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Indian Camp "Own" Version Essay

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Indian Camp
Ernst Hemingway
My father pulled back the blanket from the Indian's head. His hand came away wet. I looked towards him, and saw his face expression had changed. He mounted on the edge of the lower bunk with the lamp in one hand and looked in. The Indian laid with his face towards the wall. His throat had been cut from ear to ear. The blood had flowed down into a pool where his body sagged the bunk. His head rested on his left arm. The open razor lay, edge up, in the blankets. I bent slightly forwards against the doorway of the shanty. I could see the Indians head hanging from the neck. I looked away horrified. My father looked back towards me, and maintained his eyes. His eyes ...view middle of the document...

It was just beginning to be daylight when my father and me walked along the logging road back towards the lake. We walked in silence for a long time before my dad got stammered out: "I'm terribly sorry I brought you along; Nickie," he said silently. All his post-operative exhilaration was gone. "It was an awful mess to put you through." I didn’t say anything. I avoided answering. I didn’t blame him for taking me with him. He did what he thought was best. He looked at me with a wondering look, that I didn’t answer his question, but I changed the topic, and asked him about the lady instead. "Do ladies always have such a hard time having babies?" "No, that was very, very exceptional." My father said "Why did he kill himself, Daddy?" "I don't know, Nick. He couldn't stand things, I guess." His head went down, and he took a deep breath, before continuing. I could feel his thoughts were some place else, after I asked. I continued asking: "Do many men kill themselves, Daddy?" "Not very many, Nick." I don’t know if he just said that to calm me down. "Do many women?" "Hardly ever." He said convincingly. "Don't they ever?" "Oh, yes. They do sometimes… But…” He didn’t finish his sentence when he saw my face. I looked terrified at him, and he looked back and said, “That was not the way mom died, son. Your mom…” And then he stopped. He turned his head away from me. I could see the tears rolling down his cheek. I really wanted to ask him more about my mom,...

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