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India Vision 2020 Essay

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VISION 2020 India Team

Updated: March 2008


• VISION 2020 Initiative • Global • The Indian Initiative
• • • • • • The Organisation Membership Work Achievements Challenges Future Opportunities

Updated: March 2008


VISION 2020: Global Initiative
• A flagship program of IAPB and WHO and is a functional convergent model (eye care community) of INGOs, eye care organizations, professionals and country specific national programs. • Aim is to work together to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide by the year 2020, in order to give everyone in the world the Right to Sight.

Updated: March 2008


The need for the Indian Initiative
• Vision for Vast Indian ...view middle of the document...

0 mil. 5.0 mil.

Centre of Excellence Training Centre


Service Centre 500,000 50,000

Vision Centre

Updated: March 2008


Focus Area
• Underserved, Unreached, Rural Communities • Institutions engaged in Eye care • National & State Govt. • Ophthalmologists & Para-Ophthalmic Professionals • Membership Development and value addition to members

Updated: March 2008


A Glimpse of Initiatives-1
• Facilitation of State Action Plans • Advocacy & Information Sharing
– Interface with Policy makers / Politicians – Building a strong relationship with the Govt. at National & State level – Development of XI Five Year Plan for the National Program – Celebrating World Sight Day as National Event – Supporting Publication of Community Eye Health Journal with Indian Supplement (Quarterly) – E-News Bulletin for regular update of activities – National Awards for outstanding service delivery
Updated: March 2008 12

A Glimpse of Initiatives-2
• Capacity Building of member organizations
– Consultation – Regional Workshops / Seminars – Networking

• Organizing Thematic Workshops • Development of Long Range Strategic Plan to achieve the objective of VISION 2020 • Brand Ambassador – Mrs. Hema Malini • Value addition to all partners - USP

Updated: March 2008


Member Organizations
Member Organizations in 13 States / UT
Total 65 members


7 2 4 4 2

4 3 11 15
States & UT with VISION 2020 INDIA member organizations

4 2 6

Updated: March 2008

• Founder - The Organizations both National and International,
from Govt. and Non-Govt. sector that have initially established Vision2020:The Right to Sight - India forum

• Institutional - Any Organization from Voluntary Sector working
in Eye Care & registered under appropriate statutory provisions (includes Govt. Institutions)

• Associate - Any Organization from Voluntary Sector working in

Eye Care & registered under appropriate statutory provisions (includes Govt. Institutions) with different fees & holding no office condition.

• Industry / Corporate - Industries involved in manufacturing of

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