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India Sanitary Napkin Market Is Likely To Represent The Exponential Curve In Terms Of Revenue During Forecast Period: Bonafide Research

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Rising awareness, growing young girls population with changing preference, increasing proportion of working women population, launching convenient product variants, increasing availability and promotional activities by government initiatives and other entities are the foremost growth dynamics for sanitary napkin market in India.

India feminine hygiene market includes the segment of sanitary napkin, pantyliner, tampon and other feminine hygiene products such as internal cleanser & spray and disposable razor & blade. Sanitary napkin is largest revenue generating product amongst the all categories. Menstruation is taboo in India as people have lots of myths regarding the same and hence the ...view middle of the document...

Majority of women are unaware about the availability of sanitary napkins and how to use it. And the aware women consumers cannot afford this as they consider it as luxury product. They spend money for the basic household grocery such as milk, regular condiments, etc rather than spending on sanitary napkins as they have option of using cloth during those days. The government initiatives like ASHA, Taruni Suvidha Programme, etc have taken place in India with the objective of increasing awareness of menstruation hygiene among rural women and girls. Government of India distributes free sanitary napkin among rural girls which increases the knowledge of product and its features. The market entities organize the campaigns, seminar and sessions in many rural and urban schools of the country for the same awareness purpose.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Feminine Hygiene Market Outlook, 2021”, Sanitary napkin market is anticipated to showcase the CAGR of over 19% during the forecast period. The sanitary napkin market is catching the upward trend in terms of revenue. Overall feminine hygiene products are expected to register more than 18.36% CAGR in the next five years. The market is mainly driven by the sanitary napkin products, whereas the pantyliner, tampon and other products...

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