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India, Land Of Achievements Essay

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July 8th 450 C.E.My name is Hong Yan and I am a wealthy traveling merchant that is from Pakistan and will be twenty-two in August. As for my job, it mostly includes traveling to major cities to sell crafts and porcelain. Along my travels I bring with me this journal because my wife, Shen Rong, could not come with me. By making a journal it will help let her know what I experienced and discovered. After a month or so I am going to return to her. Along with my journal I bring with me my stubborn mule, Jericho. Before leaving to go to India and the Gupta Empire I was feeling down because I would be leaving my homeland. I packed up and said goodbye to my wife, then we set off to India. This ...view middle of the document...

This huge thing awed me for a moment or two until I decided to look at it closer. While looking at this I knew instantly that these people are superlative iron-workers and according to the villagers it is twenty-five feet tall and it weighs six and a half tons. There was writing all over it which tells the achievements of the great Chandragupta II. The land here is fertile and to one side of me is a desert, and to the other side is a fertile plain. The weather is not very enjoyable because it is hot and humid. Upon entered this town I asked people what this town's greatest achievement was and they told me if I wanted to see the most important thing to go further into town. While trading I picked up some marvelous copper, gold, and iron goods. These people use a strange type of money with copper and gold coins. This town has had the most amazing thing so far on this journey.Halfway to Sarnath after deciding to catch a raft instead of walking old Jericho was the happiest I have seen him so far. I boarded on the raft at the Ganga River and at night cool breezes come from the Himalayan Mountains and it rains heavily, and frequently. Upon arriving at Sarnath and setting up my shop I noticed a popular item here were sculptures. The people of Sarnath sculpted in almost anything you could think of, I thought they were amazing. They sculpted in stone, wood, bronze, and terra cotta. Their human sculptures had their faces displayed simply and gracefully. I was amazing how well they portrayed the human face and I feel these people really have an impressive ability of portraying the human face. While walking around the city I found that even their temples have things carved into them. I wish my wife was here.July 25th 450 C.E.Nalada has many great things, but the weather is not one of them. They also speak a strange language called Sanskrit. This land here is not impressive; it's flat but fertile for farming. It's 100 F and humid outside. In India they are very concerned with education and have many universities and colleges. I set up a in a university that was supposedly the biggest one. It has 8 colleges, 3 libraries, a hospital, and even a Buddhist monastery. Mostly only males go to colleges so I do not get...

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