India: How Spirituality Can Affect Democracy

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December 21, 2012
India: How Spirituality Can Affect Democracy
India is often referred to as the "Land of Spirituality". There is no major religion that they hold and this is one of the reasons that it is so diverse. However, this spiritual land is a well formed constitutional democracy. Could there be some correlation between the two? If we explore the major religions in India, we can see that perhaps the reason democracy is holding so well is because of these spiritual people. The six major religions in India are Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sikhism. These religions, all very different, have played a crucial part in forming India and keeping it so culturally ...view middle of the document...

Hinduism is very open to freedoms of various natures. There is no single authoritarian scripture because there are a multitude of sacred texts. In the Hindu religion, you may choose your own God to follow. There are many different gods for many occasions, but you are allowed to follow one supreme being and make a wish. The closer you get to your God, the greater a chance you will be happy. There is no question that Hinduism would survive in a democratic country because in essence, Hinduism is about freedom of speech and thought and helping the individual become greater within himself as democracy tries to be.
Islam, a religion that makes people wonder about its compatibility with democracy, is shown to thrive in India. The Muslim people are very peaceful and holy, giving them a great advantage to survive in a democratic country. Islam is a religion that promotes equality and individualism in order to reach heaven. Muslims would strive in a democratic society because they would all come together to reach the same goals in government. Predominately Islamic countries (such as Turkey and Indonesia) have been democratized and have flourished as great societies. India's Muslim population is the world's third largest and the world's largest Muslim-minority population. They have shown that their Muslim population was agreeable to the democracy India formed in 1947. Such a large amount of Muslims living in a democratic nation dwelling with these other religions shows that Islam is highly compatible with democracy. The Muslims that live in India do not vote as often as the other Indian people, but they do contribute to voting for the parties they agree with. The Islamic faith has been questioned countless amounts of times on whether it can co-exist with democracy, but through India and many other countries, we can see that they can. India is the largest democratic country in the world and it has a large Muslim population, showing that Islam and democracy can and does work.
Buddhism is a very peaceful religion, they value all the lives of living creatures. The Buddhist people would survive greatly in a democratic society because they believe in equality in all living things. They believe that no one is better than anyone else and they strive to achieve equality for all. This is exactly the mission the Indian democracy promotes. Buddhists believe that you have to be one with yourself and follow the Four Noble Truths: the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering,...

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