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India Has Potential To Lead The World

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User ID|Initiating |Approving Limit |In case of more than one approval |Ind. user ID by |Limit per day / |
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| | | |From |To |No. Of | | |
| | | | | |approvals | | |
| | | | | |Required | | |
| | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |

# The overall limit for Corporate and its users will be subject to the maximum permissible by the Bank

Declaration: [for both Retail & Corporate]:
I/we have read the Terms and Conditions applicable to Union e-Banking Retail/Corporate services and agree to them. I/we are aware that the usage of Union e-banking Corporate is governed by the Terms and Conditions which are displayed on the site maintained by Union Bank of India and I/we have reviewed the contents of the same. Further, I/we accept the Terms and Conditions governing internet banking of Union Bank of India applicable for bank accounts as displayed on bank’s website. I/we accept that I/we would be deemed to be aware of the contents of the Terms and Conditions and that all my rights and liabilities would be governed by the said Terms and Conditions by my act of accessing on I/we thereby agree to be subject to and comply with all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions which are incorporated by reference herein and deemed to be part of this Application Form to the same extent as if such provisions had been set forth in full herein. Necessary resolution /Authorization is enclosed [Declaration is for Partnership Firms and Resolution is for limited Companies]

Special conditions for Corporate Clients:
1. Limits of Fund Transfer will be as specified in the letter of Constitution, Board Resolutions, Authorization letter etc. as the case may be subject to Corporate Union e-banking limits. [Declaration to be submitted in the case of partnership firms on the requisite stamp paper and copy of resolution is to be submitted in the case of limited Companies on the letter head duly singed by the authorized Official of the company along-with seal...

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