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India And The United States Essay

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India and the United States

India and the United States

SOC 325
DR. Elaine, Bontempi
November 15, 2008

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India and the United States

India will become the most populous nation by 2030, its middle classes, already numbering 200 million people, are growing thanks to some extent to a booming software and IT sector. Revolution India’s reputation is also undergoing an important change. Past stereotypes of poverty and backwardness are being displaced by new images. Some of these, including the belief that Indians are inherently computer-savvy, are also stereotypes, but on the whole a more balanced and accurate picture of India’s assets and liabilities is emerging, and India is being courted by the major powers of the world. Enabled Services, including call centers, design, and business process outsourcing services. Growth in services, however, has been much more broadly based than growth in information technology in the 1990s. Growth was the strongest in business services, telecommunications, financial, community services, hotels and restaurants. Tremendous scope exists for future rapid growth in the Indian service economy, provided that deregulation of the services sector continues. Despite these achievements, it should be noted that employment growth in the Indian services sector has been quite modest, underscoring the importance of achieving rapid industrial and agricultural growth. By global measures, India’s economy is still relatively small with 17 percent of the world’s people, India accounts for less than 2 percent of global GDP and 1 percent
India and the United States

of world trade. Even though growth has been noteworthy and India has improved its performance on the Human Development Index (HDI) moving from 132nd place in 1997 to 127th in 200. The country is facing many new challenges. The new threat of HIV/AIDS is spreading quickly, approximately 4.58 million Indians are currently infected with HIV and 600,000 have the disease. Unemployment, although still low by international standards, 4.4 percent, compared with 9 percent in Brazil and 3 percent in China, which is steadily increasing in rural areas. Progress has also been uneven across different regions of the country. Evidence of divergence in per capita incomes exists across states; richer states are increasing incomes faster than poorer ones. As a result, poverty is present in the rapidly growing cities as well as the vast rural areas, but increasingly concentrated in the country’s more slowly growing states. Hundreds of millions remain in devastating poverty. India and Pakistan the U. S. economy runs a large negative trade balance with the rest of the world through its imports of vast quantities of raw materials and manufactured goods. It also is the world's leading destination for international...

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