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Is India really shining? Is it really on the path of becoming a superpower? Optimistic Indians would assert an affirmation but it is time one had a reality check. India is surely marching ahead, but are all the Indians marching ahead or is it just a small fraction of the population doing so? India can surely boast of a growth rate of around 8-9 per cent but one needs to ask if this growth is trickling down to the lower strata of the populace.

India is a conglomerate of diverse ethnic, cultural, financial, lingual groups. It is still caught in the clutches of communal violence. Religion is exploited to create a divide in the people, the Godhra riots, Sikh riots in Delhi, violence in MP, ...view middle of the document...

The Times Of India recently brought to light the fact that the number of illiterate in the country outnumber the population of the whole of United States. And our education system does almost nothing to alleviate the problem. True there are government schools which have a nominal fees and added incentives like midday meals but what is lacking is real quality in the education imparted. The children, whose families are struggling to make ends meet, for whom survival is the greatest struggle, need to be motivated to continue education and not drop out in-between. It is also equally important to revise the school curriculum so that these children, instead of mugging facts which won’t come in handy, are imparted skills which will help them rise in the society and get employment or jobs. Till we do not counter the malice of illiteracy, becoming a superpower is but a far fetched dream.

Poverty is another problem which stares the nation stark in the face. And it is another major roadblock in India becoming a superpower. It is estimated that about two-thirds of India’s population resides in rural areas. Out of these, 170 million people are poor. More than 21 per cent of them are wallowing in chronic poverty.

Unemployment makes the situation worse. Currently, the unemployment figure looms close to 8.9 million. India should realise that these unemployed can make for good skilled labour and work force if they are imparted the necessary training and education. Such high unemployment rates would breed major discontent in the youth and would also propel problems like rising crime. The government should implement plans where it exploits its manpower to work for their own benefit. These people could be trained and motivated to build schools in their areas, construct roads, build hospitals in rural areas, etc – all for a stipend of course. Such an approach would provide them with a steady income and also enhance rural facilities and infrastructure so that their progeny gets a head start and have more opportunities open to them. This would also aid in making villages self-sufficient.

One may wonder how such large scale poverty is possible considering that just some time back India welcomed an economic boom and was shining mightily. The truth is the IT and BPO boom benefited the urban and middle class population. The poor were just not a part of this dimension of our ‘Shining India’. How can India assume to become a super power till it has not provided basic education, employment, health care facilities and other basic amenities to the majority of its population? These morbid factors certainly take away some of the sheen from Shining India.

The Indian politicians, often resorting to corruption, playing always the opportunist(the recent Congress-SP marriage proves it), indulging in vote bank politics while sacrificing the nations interest, are certainly not acting as the perfect propellers to aid India’s becoming a superpower. The implementation of...

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