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India: A Lesser Developed Country, Essay

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1.Introduction: The purpose of this report was to investigate India's economic, demographic and cultural characteristics, it's problems and the existing barriers to development and to suggest possible measure to help India with its problems as it is now considered a lesser developed country.2. Characteristics of India:2.1 Economic Characteristics: 60% of India's workers are in the agricultural sector (as of 1999). This is mainly so that they can produce enough for their own needs and for that of their families, with little surplus to trade. Their standard of living depends directly on what they produce themselves. Only 23% and 17% of the labour force is taken up with occupations in services ...view middle of the document...

With thousands even millions more contracting the disease. Another factor of low life expectancy is poor nutrition and a high infant mortality rate. The infant mortality rate in India is 61.47 deaths/ 1000 live births.2.3 Cultural Characteristics: The exact origins of the Indian people are impossible to determine, because of the large variety of cultures that have invaded and been assimilated into the subcontinent. It is indisputable, however, that some of the world's most influential thinkers were Indians. In the 20th century, Mohandas Gandhi instituted basic and unprecedented literacy and community-improvement programs. But more than expert leadership in the complex struggle of home rule, Gandhi gained international respect by leading his country in peaceful resistance to the oppression of civil liberties and political rights for common people.3. Problems with India:3.1 Health: One of the main problems with India is health. In India poverty and malnutrition are widespread. Many villages lack clean drinking water, and diseases such as dysentery are common. Malaria, tuberculosis and cholera have been controlled to some extent, but resources are overstretched. These diseases, malnutrition and the high infant mortality rate are why India has a low life expectancy. If the diseases could be stopped or reduced to a few cases India would be on track to become a better developed country.3.2 Population: India has a population of over one billion people and 25 percent of those people are under the poverty line. It is expected that if India's current growth rate continues, by 2050 India will have as much people as China and that is not a good thing to a lot of people with twenty five percent of them being poor. Efforts have been made to promote birth control, but even so the population continues to rise at a rapid pace.3.3 Education: Despite the lack of resources education facilities have improved. Education is mainly the responsibility of individual state governments and is usually free of charge but not compulsory. Teaching at most secondary schools is in Hindi or English as well as in the local language. Literacy has more than doubled since independence, and adult education...

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