Indain And American Jobs Essay

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Robert Aquilone
Robert Aquilone

What are the obstacles to bettering yourself in the Indian culture and in the American culture? Here I will take a look at these two cultures and compare the difference and similarities.
What are the obstacles to bettering yourself in the Indian culture and in the American culture? Here I will take a look at these two cultures and compare the difference and similarities.
Indian and American Jobs
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Indian and American Jobs
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The world is comprised of many people and many cultures, there are so many that we as a whole have lost count and some lost interest in knowing what those other culture are ...view middle of the document...

If one does well then they share that with the others in the family often living with 3 or 4 generations in the same house. The job market in India is vast and getting the job of your dreams is not always the case.
In the American culture we tend to be self-orientated, we focus on what we want or need. “There is a culture in this country whether spoken or unspoken that manifests itself in everything we say, do, or think. For example, in the United States we expect to compete in every aspect of our lives. At the same time we expect to compete, we also expect to be given equal opportunity to grow to our potential. We believe we all have equal rights under the law. We expect American Industry to put out a quality product and for our Nation to be a leader in the world. Sometimes we even find ourselves "on the soap box" spouting expectations of our Nation's performance or the performance of American Industry not realizing that unless we each live up to these expectations, our Nation and our Industries cannot. Frequently, many of our competing interests and our strong desire to ensure Individual Freedom result in extraordinary events taking place that can only be explained by the expression: "Only in America".” (none) The family is important in our culture, but has lessened over the years as we are a mobile society with most children growing up and moving away. In the American culture the sky is the limit with education available to all if you want it you can work for it and get it “the American dream”
The Indian culture they have an open class system where you can do whatever you want for a job, but it leans towards a caste-system where you are born into the job you will have for the rest of your life. The opportunity is there for them to do whatever they want, but there are obstacles for it to be truly open to all. The main obstacle is finical if you cannot pay for the education to further your education then there are no programs to help. If the children are needed to work min the family business then they would not be able to go to school and be limited to working at that job to help support the family. Often the family invests in one child to go to school and the rest of the family will have to sacrifice to make this possible. Where the family live is another obstacle to upward advancement. If the family does not own their home a lot of times they have to pay so much in rent that they can only just pay the bill and have to work several jobs to make it so the schooling expense is not an option. The classes are separated by the economic status as well. If your family is well of then the opportunities open to you are vast, nut the poorer class is so far from the upper class that it is hard to come from nothing and make something of...

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