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Crime is the breach of rules or laws for
which are produced and finalised by governing authority and when these laws are broken it can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Crime has always been considered to be a mainly male activity but evidence shows a recent sharp increase in female crime.

Sociologists such as Mac an Ghaill believe that men of the 21st century are going through a ‘crisis of masculinity’ relating to who they are and what they are essentially needed for. But what about women? their roles are increasingly changing and confusion can be caused between the male and female roles and many believe that this is the cause of the increase of female crime.

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2009 is the second straight year that women are more likely to commit a violent crime that any other offence.

The increase in the rate at which women are going to prison has outpaced that of men. Since 1981, the number of men being put behind bars has gone up 112 percent; the number of women, 202 percent. This corresponds neatly with the upward trend in arrest rates; the rate of increase for women is now nearly double that for men. Rita Simon, a sociologist at American University in Washington and author of two books on women and crime says

"Part of it is that just as women have more opportunities outside the home, they have more opportunities to fall into crime. And it's also true that in the past, judges tended to be more lenient with women, especially when they had children. But now justice is becoming more gender-blind."

However in certain cases, such as domestic violence in a relationship, it would seem that justice and the law system are still more gender –blind when it comes to the men becoming the victims of the abuse in a relationship. Very little is known about the actual number of men who are in a domestic relationship which they are abused or treated violently by their female partners. In 100 domestic violence situations, an estimate of 40 cases involves violence by women against men. An estimate of 400,000 women per year are abused by their husband/long term partners, this means that roughly 300,000 are violently treated by their wives or girlfriends.

There can be many reasons why women fall into the behaviors of violence to others, but there seems to be 3 main categories:

1) Alcohol Abuse: Alcohol abuse is a major cause and a trigger of domestic violence in a relationship. Women, as they naturally have a smaller frame and a smaller alcoholic intake become intoxicated quicker and therefore have less impulse control, are easily frustrated, have greater misunderstandings and generally relate to violence as a solution to difficult problems, 94% of women who abuse their partners are alcoholics.

2) Psychological Disorders: There are certain psychological problems, primarily personality disorders, in which cause women to have abusive and violent characteristics towards men. A diagnosis which is regularly found in women is; Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a personality disorder defined in DSM-IV and described as a prolonged disturbance of personality function in a person, generally over the age of eighteen years, although it is also found in adolescents, characterized by depth and variability of moods. At least 50% of all domestic abuse and violence against men are associated with women that suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. The disorder also associates with suicidal behavior, severe mood swings, lying, sexual problems and alcohol abuse.

3) Unrealistic Expectations, Assumptions and Conclusions. Women who are abusive towards their partners usually have very unrealistic expectations and make...

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