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Inclusion In The Classroom Essay

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Topic: Inclusion in the classroom
General Purpose: To give a general overview on the benefits of inclusion in the classroom.
Specific Purpose: To persuade the general public that inclusion is best for special needs students.
Central Idea: The No Child Left Behind Act is assuring that children with special needs achieve the education level they are capable of.

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: If you were the parent of a special needs child, wouldn’t you
you expect the school system to provide the highest level of services available?
B. Reveal Topic: Inclusion is a highly debated topic that most people don’t
understand, including the parents of a special needs child.
C. ...view middle of the document...

2. Subpoint: People say that mainstreaming can harm students. However,
the “harm” that may come from inclusion is miniscule in comparison to
the benefits.
a. Support: Students with “Education Plans” are not allowed to fail, they are usually passed even if they haven’t learned the coursework.
b. Even though these students aren’t allowed to fail, some of these students are the more severely handicapped and are gaining social skills that would not be developed in the self-contained classroom.

Transition: The tool that aids in making this process a smooth transition is the use of the
Individual Education Plan (IEP).

B. Main Point II: An Individual Education Plan is a formal written program
developed by school personnel, the child’s parents and the child in order
to delineate assessment, placement, goal setting, special services and eval-
uation procedures (Quirk, 1981, p 9).

1. Subpoint: These IEP’s are instrumental in assuring that all of the child’s
special needs and goals are met, not only by the child,...

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