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Inclusion, Diversity And Policy In The Workplace

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Inclusion is the state at the place of work where all individuals (workers and employees) are treated in an equal and respectful manner both inside and outside the office and have equal access to the company’s opportunities and resources to enhance the company’s success. Diversity on the other hand in a workplace can be defined as an organization whose employees have a wide range of different and special characteristics which vary from one person to another e.g. having different political or religious views, different races, gender, education, age, the background to name but a few. Policies are the laid rules, regulations, and ethics that help maintain the standards of an organization by ...view middle of the document...

2) Diversity strengthens the relationships within the organization since the married intermingle with the single ones, the younger ones have a chance to operate in a common environment with the older ones as well as those from the outside countries mingling with the local ones.
3) Policies ensure that time is saved in an organization as arising problems can be handled effectively and quickly by the expected personnel
4) Policies also ensure equality and uniformity during important actions like decisions since everybody is pleased with it.
5) Inclusion creates a better understanding of the employees thus promote the success of the organization.
6) Inclusion also focuses on valuing the differences rather than not accepting them.
An example of a company that focusses on practicing diversity, inclusion and policy are the Microsoft Corporation. They declare that diversity cannot be the finite goal but must be a journey. Their homepage clearly states ("Come as you are. Do what you love". 2016).
An example of an organization that went down due to political influence is Kenya’s Imperial bank that was shut down totally after huge sums of money were lost to unknown recipients.

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